Tráiler de Heavy Metal en Bagdad

Heavy Metal in Baghdad es un largometraje documental que sigue a la banda iraquí de heavy metal Acrassicauda desde la caída de Saddam Hussein en 2003 hasta la actualidad. Tocar heavy metal en un país musulmán siempre ha sido una propuesta difícil (si no imposible), pero tras el derrocamiento del régimen de Saddam, hubo un breve momento para la banda en el que la libertad real parecía posible. Esa esperanza se desvaneció rápidamente cuando su país cayó en una sangrienta insurgencia. Entre 2003 y 2006, Irak se desintegró a su alrededor mientras Acrassicauda luchaba por mantenerse unida y viva, negándose siempre a dejar morir sus sueños de heavy metal.


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  1. Iraq is a terrorist territory and a disgusting terrorist country and the band Seeds Of Iblis should leave that country and live in Europe or somewhere like that so they should be safe, but I know it is really really hard for them so obviously this message won't get to them and that's fine they're gonna be too busy anyways and that's a good thing they're a band all together as one.

  2. thats for the stupidity ,i point to this film to prove insane propaganda of almost anywhere in the world is humanities problem not the people buying into the bullshit there or here land of the so called free the united states of america . its us wars hurt more then the monsters causing them . wonderful film i thank those stupid enough to make cause metal rules !

  3. @Falc1NL  Nevermind for spelling   it is , VICE news same like other  CNN , BBC …..  braiwashing media …They want to show they dont have any rights and because of  that fuck yeak support the troops … I m from Serbia and i have heavy  and power metal  band  , last year we had  tour in Iraq because friend bands from Iraq coming here to  … And we had ZERO problems there !!!

  4. You don't want war… but you're not doing anything to stop it either!


    Oh look, I am an American, wow, this government is really fucking us, damn, someone should do something about this, oooh wait, what is that there?

    On the news, something shiny, a story, of a threat from outside the country. What was I talking about?

    We really need to band together and support our country and our military and deal with these brown people before they destroy us all…

  5. Every year there are executed more Americans in American prisons than there dies through death penalties based on Sharia. And in most places, Sharia is somewhat voluntary, so everyone who appeals to the actual courtsystem can avoid penalty by Sharia law.
    Islam is not any filthier, any more violent or anymore close-mjinded than judaism and christianity. Desperate times creates extremists, no matter what religion it is.
    The aggresive west is why it's desperate times in the east.

  6. ….. the middle east is aggresive?! Last time I checked the west besieged the middle east killing innocents and draining ressources. There is a difference between aggression and being defensive

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