System Of A Down – Toxicity (Official HD Video)

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Tú, ¿de qué eres dueño el mundo? ¿Cómo te adueñas del desorden, del desorden?
Ahora, en algún lugar entre el silencio sagrado, el silencio sagrado y el sueño
En algún lugar entre el sagrado silencio y el sueño
Desorden, desorden, desorden

#SistemaDeAbajo #Toxicidad #HD #Remasterizado

28 respuestas a «System Of A Down – Toxicity (Official HD Video)»

  1. Wow! I have never listen to metal this heavy and deep. Discovered this band last week. I have played this track more than 50 times today. I can't get it out of my head. So epic!

  2. So these guys probably talk to Asyria noodles guys in the desserts who talk aerial's in disguised 80 thousand Litre's time Cubicals timed travql landing Earth ! Cosmos of communication!

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂🎉🎉😂😢😮😅😅😊😊😊🎉❤😂😅😂😮😂🎉😮😢😮🎉😢🎉😮😮😮😮😢😅😮🎉😅🎉😮😢😅😢😅😅😮😅😅

  4. One of my fav bands. Since i was a teen. Now im closer to 40 lol. And im introducing them to my teen son. So far he is intrigued hes not used to this type of music lol.

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