Sammy Hagar – Heavy Metal (con Taarna y en estéreo)

(S. Hagar, J. Peterik)

Los que se golpean la cabeza con el cuero
Las chispas vuelan en la oscuridad de la noche
Todo se une
Cuando se apagan las luces
50.000 vatios de potencia
Y es una sobrecarga
La bestia está lista para devorar
Todo el metal que pueden sostener
Reachin ‘sobrecarga
Comienza a explotar

Es tu billete de ida a la medianoche
Llámalo Heavy Metal
Más alto que alto, sintiéndote bien
Llámalo Heavy Metal
Desesperación en una línea roja
Llámalo ruido de Heavy Metal

Pantalones ajustados y lápiz labial
Ella está montando en el filo de la navaja
Ella se mantiene contra los chicos
Sí, atraviesa la multitud como una cuña
Ohh, puedes sentir la estática
Tantos contactos que se hacen
Tenemos fanáticos en el frente
Derribando la barricada
Para llegar al escenario
¿Puedes sentir la rabia?


37 respuestas a «Sammy Hagar – Heavy Metal (con Taarna y en estéreo)»

  1. I remember wanting to see this movie (Heavy Metal) when i was a teenager. But i never got the chance. So much good music, not to mention cutting edge animation. Got this movie on Laser Disk. Big big fan!

    And this song and Radar Rider were some of the best in the movie. Although that is a high bar indeed. There was not a bad metal song in that movie.

  2. And now we know. That hard-working freckled-up redhead at the local convenient mart should give you at least a quick pause. But rest assured, someone's already taking care of her for now…. Just saying…

  3. That would be neat to see a new Heavy metal movie made I can't wait to see it no it's about 30 years since I've seen it I can't wait for the next keep trying heavy metal and I'll keep trying to

  4. I have this track on a LP single
    and a full soundtrack CD 😺👍.
    Also, i have that movie on VHS and DVD 😺👍.
    And Taarna… Miaow 😻🌹❤️!
    Greetings from Vantaa, Finland 🇫🇮.

  5. I saw this movie on Cinemax when I was 11 29 years ago and I had a major crush on Taarna when I was a kid/teen as she was on par with princess Jasmine, Jessica, Rogue/Jean Grey on X-men tas, Adora/Teela on heman and shera, scarlet on gi joe, hello nurse and Minerva mink on animaniacs, marge Simpson/princess Kashmir/mindy on Simpsons, Roxanne and Lisa the blonde in goofy movie (I saw that movie in theaters at age 13 with my best friend and his family in Albuquerque), princess Lana on captain n, Daphne on scooby doo, Esmeralda in hunchback (I saw that in theaters at 14), Cleo on heathcliff, Catwoman/Ivy/Harley/red claw/batgirl on Batman the animated series, Teegra from fire and ice, Angel in rock and rule and more animated heartthrobs of mine as a kid and teen in the eighties and nineties

  6. Man, Sammy! Is it terrible after all these years, I still come back to this original video that reminds me of the incredible gift women have all the time? I would be asking for a friend if I just didn't keeping punched in the gut every time I thought differently…

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