Rock VS Metal (Batalla de Riffs de Guitarra)

Rock VS Metal (Batalla de Riffs de Guitarra)

¡Espero que lo disfrutéis!
He tenido que cortar la primera canción del vídeo (Immigrant Song de Led Zeppelin), en el minuto 3.25 (Head Crusher de Megadeth) y en el minuto 11.29 (Def Leppard » Pour Some sugar on Me») debido a los derechos de autor.

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25 respuestas a «Rock VS Metal (Batalla de Riffs de Guitarra)»

  1. One's a Hard Rocking, Rocker, the other "Twin" a Major Metalhead, and a Great Contrast and Music Video was born. Loved It! Well Done. 🎵

  2. Basically i'm an old guy so every single song from both sides is my entire youth and 20's + …. some damn fine playing and even better memories! i declare a

  3. I would like to say that both styles are great and that there is no winner, but then I listen to "Stratosphere" or "Speed of Light" by Stratovarius, "Blank File" by Sonata Arctica, "Holy Thunderforce" or "The Dark Tower of Abyss" by Rhapsody (on Fire), among many many others, and it's impossible for me to say that there is a tie. For me, rock is too soft. It's a matter of taste I guess, I love power metal and speed metal and rock doesn't go as far as that. Good vid, btw.

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