Recomendaciones de música gótica moderna Parte I

Aquí hay una lista de todas las bandas mencionadas en el video:
Horror Vacui, Night Sins, Molchat Doma (Молчат Дома), Bleib Modern, Rosetta Stone, Ash Code, Vision Video, Selofan, Vandal Moon, Secret Shame, Blood Bells, Forever Grey, Rosegarden Funeral Party, Geometric Vision, Hapax, Grooving in Green, Plastique Noir, Tears for the Dying, Lebanon Hanover, Nox Novacula, Delphine Coma, Chernaya Rechka (Чёрная Речка), Little Fantastic Partners, Boy Harsher y Detoxi

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  1. Southern culture on the skids squirrel nut zippers a lot of Pop came through in the last 40 years that was really good. During the '90s I went vanilla or basic or whatever we're calling it for a while now that I'm disabled I guess I've earned my right to have my own subculture but I am here in the south and yes I call it Southern fried Rock but it has some some highlights of course don't forget deep purple and the Doobie Brothers

  2. Oh thank you so much; says grampy bat. I had to copy of isotomita Bermuda triangle alas All is Lost now that you have saved my soul oh I also remember a 12 inch 45 with Bauhaus belongoshi's dead. Time is not kind to collectors

  3. Wow, what a list..thanks for this.. I'm always looking for new stuff to listen to. I was looking everything up on Spotify as you were listing them 😅 and listening to snippets.. sounds good!! Will listen to all of it eventually 🦇🖤🔥🕸️

  4. Classic Goth music and modern Goth music is very enchanting and prodigious, dark wave is my favourite music type of the genre. By the way Dancing Chrome by Night Sins is wicked awesome and badarse 🦇🖤☠️💀

  5. You should check out the ban unto others. Is there a great band from Oregon that sounds like sisters a mercy. They used to be called idle hands before they changed their name. I think you would like them a lot

  6. …hi, again! i most listen you in this video, and think you don't mentioned any portuguese or spanish goth bands! it's true or i'am wrong? do you wan't know portuguese or spanish bands? say something, please, because i have all pleasure to recommend you some bands from my country, portugal, and from our neighbourds! have a nice nights!!!

  7. If you people like really good Death Rock/PostPunk and still remember Black Eyes check out ESSES. They’ll blow your mind, especially when you get to see them live. They won’t bore you to death with that shitty kind of singing that’s somewhat in remembrance of Rozz, nah, they really know how to stand on their own feet, musically speaking.

  8. rosetta stone was the first goth band that i've ever listened to! my dad actually introduced me to them by playing their music while driving me to school or the store. cryptology and seems like forever are my favorite albums by them.

  9. Hey Madi. Loved your recommendations. Boy Harsher is definetly the one that I would pick for a kinky club night. Btw, you should definetly listen to My Own Burial. "Into Black Visions" is amazing.

  10. 🖖
    Thx👍 for the note on "Bleib Modern" !!
    Located in Germany, I'm listening to "darker" Music ( f.e.: Cure , D.M.) since the mid 80'ies. (TSOM – First an last and always I have since 1986 on Vinyl!)

  11. I too had a hard time getting into modern goth music. I have a soft spot for Bauhaus, Sisters, Siouxsie, the Cure, Xymox etc. Love She passed away. So good. I'm gonna check out the ones you've recommended 🖤🖤

  12. Hello, I'm loving your videos, I'm meeting cool bands, just wanted to q put a 2 minutes of each Hello, I'm loving your videos, I'm meeting cool bands, just wanted to put about 2 minutes of a song of each band 🤘🎧 Brazil

  13. I love a lot of the bands you mentioned! Gonna check out the others. So glad to see videos talking about gothic music and not just the makeup/fashion aspect of it. New sub!

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