Recomendaciones de música gótica I The Badass Fräulein

¡Por fin ha llegado el momento! Aquí están algunas de las músicas góticas que escucho.
Las he organizado por categorías para que podáis encontrar vuestro sonido en el género musical gótico. También inserté algunas bandas góticas que escuchan mis amigos. ¡Vayan a verlas!

The Late Isabel:

Skies of Ember:

Los nombres son para las lápidas:

Desafía a tu sabiduría:


BG Música utilizada en el vídeo:
«The Harrowing» de TeknoAxe

¡Espero que lo disfruten!

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5 respuestas a «Recomendaciones de música gótica I The Badass Fräulein»

  1. Hey guys! I hope you guys love the music I listen to. I also inserted music that other goths listen to (that I don't lol).

    Go find your sound at the timestamps:
    Goth music starter pack: 1:08
    Death Rock: 6:40
    90's dark/sultry/vampiric music: 9:00
    Industrial music: 12:32
    My mini eulogy for Vampirefreaks: 15:23
    Latest Goth bands and artists: 16:00
    Goth songs in foreign languages: 18:11
    Pinoy (Filipino) Goth bands: 20:34

    Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Fascination street also my favorite cure song .followed by burn. You have excellent taste in music I also like industrial. Im so glad to know there will be others same music taste when I'm over there.

  3. UPDATE:
    =Nætur doesn't mean "nature" in Icelandic. It's the plural form of Nótt which means "Night". My bad. 😬✌️
    =Hallelujah!! I just found out that Catholic Spit's on Apple Music now!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  4. Yeah, Crosses and Chelsea Wolfe are not goth. They're both alternative at best. Just because someone makes dark music doesn't mean it's automatically goth. Some parts of your video are good, but other factors are riddled with misinformation and may confuse people getting into the music.

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