¿Quién inventó el heavy metal? (Documental sobre el metal)

Hoy exploramos las raíces del heavy metal. ¿Fueron Black Sabbath, Deep Purple o Led Zeppelin quienes lo inventaron? o quizás Blue Cheer? ¿O fue realmente creado por la oleada de bandas que rebautizaron el género a finales de los setenta? ¿Con Judas Priest, Scorpions, Kiss y Motorhead? Ese es el tema del vídeo de hoy. Disfruta de esta breve lección de historia del heavy metal.

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Marcas de tiempo:
0:00 Introducción
0:25 La definición
1:00 Los sesenta
2:12 1967
3:18 1968
7:50 1969
9:04 1970
12:16 Los primeros años de la década de los setenta
12:38 La revolución del heavy metal
14:42 Mis pensamientos

Con bandas como: Blue Cheer, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Kinks, Black Widow, Sir Lord Baltimore, Lucifer’s Friend, MC5, Iron Butterfly, Steppenwolf, The Beatles, Vanilla Fudge, Kiss, Rainbow, Alice Cooper, Van Halen, AC/DC y Motorhead.




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  1. I not arguing with you that Black Sabbath was the first mainstream heavy band which much commercial success. But when it comes to being the first of the heaviest, I think Blue Cheer takes it. I didn’t first hear about them until a couple years ago. Their playing style was unheard of in 1967-1968. I have never heard anyone from the late 60’s play drums like Paul Whaley. The group was very much outcasts for the time, not many groups were playing music that way. They were so loud that they recorded their second album outside. By their third album they toned it down and lost the original lineup which was unfortunate and they never had much commercial success but that doesn’t discredit their sound. If you really like early Black Sabbath, I highly recommend you listen to Vincebus Eruptum and Outsideinside, you’ll be blown away. Both released two years before Black Sabbath and Paranoid.

  2. For the 60s, One would have to dig a little deeper than the songs coming from the commercially successful bands. You have the garage rock/ underground ones that most the buying public found terrifying – Purple Sun's 'Doomsday', The Sonics 'He's Waiting', or 'Rich with Nothing' by the Split Ends are perfect examples of melt your face off guitar rythms and pissed off vocals. Death metal of the 60s as it were..

  3. To me, the moment rockers started taking acid in the mid 60s thats when rock diverged from the original Chuck Berry formula to every rock subgenre. Especially Metal and Prog. Black Sabbath were the first real metal band but without Hendrix, the Beatles, Cream etc. Black Sabbath wouldn't have the layout for that kind of stuff. IMO Fire by Jimi Hendrix is the first metal song (1 year before Helter Skelter).

  4. Iron Butterfly Theme by IRON BUTTERFLY… Massive Distortion 1968, no band at this time had anything out like this… revolutionary… Summertime Blues by BLUE CHEER 1968 in your FACE Distortion, cranked Amp, speakers about to blow…
    Raw, no bs …

  5. Judas Priest is my favorite band, but I would credit Black Sabbath with creating the genre.
    Kinks and Steppenwolf get credit for the "Proto-Metal" sound necessary to give rise to the actual genre of Heavy Metal.

  6. Thanks for putting this together! Including bands not associated with heavy rock was a nice touch. Helter Skelter sounds a total killer on this version – is it from Anthology? Great call on Lucifer’s Friend and other neglected pioneers!

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