PENTAGRAM/MEZARKABUL – banda de heavy metal de Estambul, Türkiye/Turquía.

Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods interpretado por mis hijas gemelas en 2013.

Tarkan Gözübüyük, Cenk Ünnü, Hakan Utangaç, Murat İlkan, Demir Demirkan, Metin Türkcan
Trail Blazer, Anatolia, Popçular Dışarı, Unspoken, Bir
#mezarkabul #heavymetal

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  1. You must check their 2007 bostancı concert in youtube. That concert became their live concert album. That live album is named 1987. Because 2007 was their 20th year so that was their 20th year concert. I think that live album has the best pentagram sound ever. You can find your favorite songs with another sound. Also crowd was very hyped.

  2. Dude you must check their MMXII album. Band is heavier than ever in that album (for me). And new vocalist does a lot of scream and He kills it 🤘🏻. My fav

  3. Vocalist in the second album is Ogün Sanlısoy who has solo albums after leaving Pentagram. The reason they had a five year gap between second and third album is that their lead guitarist Demir Demirkan went to USA for music education. After he was back they released their third album Anatolia with the new vocalist Murat İlkan.

  4. Cool video! You look like one of the sweatiest metalheads in the world 🙂 It is a great band! A little info: Mezarkabul in Turkish means "accepting the grave" or "accepted to the grave", not pentagram. Pentagram is the same in Turkish, or one can call "beş köşeli yıldız" which literally means a star with five corners.

  5. Hi , first of all it was a very nice video . You have even seen some details. (Sound similarity of Murat İlkan And bruce dickinson) Pentagram is a very good group . Unfortunately They were not very supported and their ads Are not well done . I have been listening since 1998 . These guys are good , man . m/

  6. Hi Fozzie!! new band to me, cool hearing some new bands from different places and the usual ones, i'm gonna try to sample them if see what they sound like. Cheers

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