¿Nickelback es la mejor banda de METAL?

¿Es Nickelback el MEJOR grupo nuevo de METAL? Acaban de publicar su nuevo tema «San Quentin», con un sonido más pesado. ¿Significa esto que Nickelback es elevado al estatus de Quarterback? Muhahaha. Acompáñame mientras recorro esta canción supuestamente «Metalcore» y comprueba si pasa la prueba.

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24 respuestas a «¿Nickelback es la mejor banda de METAL?»

  1. as it was said here before – this song is easy to play easy to sing along, to remember in 1 or 2 takes and it sounds like pure modern heavy rock hit in nickelback style not saying this is a generic – this is only nickelback style song.

  2. Lyrics are fairly cheesy but it's pretty good heavy rock music for verse/chorus/verse/chorus type of stuff. These guys seem capable of way more but play it by the numbers; would love to hear them take chances musically.

  3. I feel like the beginning was a tease. I was optimistic when I heard the intro. Then it went right back into their generic cookie cutter stuff. Definitely not metal.

  4. The radio version will attract kids and that is super cool.Not for us,ear candy for kids. mixed with some power metal,light thrash would have shown an actual direction for the band.Blast beats????Nope.Nothing modern,bass sounded cool but nothing to stand out from the rest of the hurd.Last album,next will be live with picture and exclusive 1 on 1 interviews dvd,Netflix where ever.

  5. Hey! Following your channel for about three years now but I have one question like forever and never asked…so here it goes: How do you go about writing new material? Do you sit down and improvise with a specific compositional technique and then work all out on sheet, eg guitarpro? Or do you write stuff completely without instrument by only dialing stuff into guitarpro?

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