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  1. Waiting was I always
    For something to come
    Something to push
    And something to call

    Waited I always
    For my stars to align

    Days passed
    Months passed
    Then years passed

    Gone by those time
    Where I could have done that

    But regrets there not
    Because a lesson learnt it was

    Thank you time
    For giving me wisdom

    Never will I wait again
    For my stars to align
    Cause there lies my fate
    In my own hands


  2. When the stars align
    your path will shine

    as l o n g and as wide
    and just as bright
    as the Milky Way

    course corrected
    by zodiacs compass in hand

    navigating the way in dark uncertainty

  3. Bend the skies to your will,
    Everything becomes real,
    The stars will align to your dreams,
    Falling in straight line like seams,

    Stitch your story,
    Paint your memories,
    Everything led to this point
    Your dream is finally in sight,

    The power of the moon,
    You have the power to bloom,
    And face the midwinter night sky,
    All the planets have aligned for you to give one last try,

    Stitch your story,
    Paint your memories,
    Everything led to this point
    Your dream is finally in sight,

    And now it is time to align to destiny,
    The stars have aligned to show you what can be,
    The magic has always been in you, a captivating enchantment,
    Everything is in place now, everything is in alignment

  4. When stars are align
    I look around the night sky for signs
    For a signal of faith
    A contract being signed of my dreams
    Wishing to bring everything to life
    I hold dear to believe
    Blue galaxy above me
    I wish I could be part of you
    Along with my brothers and sisters
    dwarf stars and nebulas
    Hoping you’d listen to every prayer I’ve send
    One day my way rushing down they shall come
    I’ll wait right here
    With open arms

  5. These songs bring a smile to my face. They feel so satisfying because they're like the kind of music that plays when a long-going adventure finally comes to an end, and everyone says goodbye.

  6. Listening to this music. I miss my friends a lots, we used to sit next to each other, listen to music and talk about our dream. But now, we are far from each other, we still have own dream need to finish. Just hope that somedays we could sit to each other and talk about our dream agian, when we was older, just like we did

  7. Ephemeral Will

    From barren to lush
    And young become old
    If only life was as such
    Certainty we can't hold

    We strive and we wait
    For our promised date
    Perhaps it doesn't come
    Our efforts all undone

    Still, it's mesmerising
    That we're still trying
    Never knowing
    Ever hoping


  8. At the rest of my days, I'm gonna see the stars like a way for the future, the destiny and the feelings.
    The magic sky from above of the human control or the rules. Dream forever, never surrender and never loss the hope of the life. Chears everyone.

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