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  1. August Burns Red is actually agnostic but they were former Christians, also all that remains has never been a christian band (though the fall of ideals is a kick-ass album).

  2. All that remains is not a Christan band the lead singer is a atheist.And if you don't believe me look up his interview on a news Chanel he did he says that he is a atheist

  3. This list was ok.. but I'm still looking for good christian bands. METAL is not really my taste though….. I'm more in to numetal, rapcore, and some metal core… and if anyone comments yea i already know the big names. thousand foot crutch, skillet, red, decyfer down, head, love and death, manifest, pod, the letter black, we as human…

    please tell me there is a more well know metal conducir like myself who is a fan of numetal that can help me out ugh… its so hard to find good christian rock anymore… this list was ok. but I'm still looking for good christian bands

    oh yea, and ALL THAT REMAINS is NOT a christian band.
    they have publically admitted that already…

  4. Dude where is wolves at the gate lol also on the first one could have played better song for demon hunter ALL in ALL I loved the lists and I'm listening listening mg o these bands now well s few oxygen anyway

  5. I've praised God through while listening to metal and felt His Holy Spirit inside me. Praise has nothing to do with the sound of music. It's about turning your heart to God.

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