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  1. 1) DIO
    2) Judas Priest
    3) Flotsam & Jetsam
    4) Death Angel
    5) Kreator
    6) Black Sabbath/ without Ozzie
    7) Chastain
    8) Metallica
    9) Nightmare
    10) Accept
    Honorable Mentions: Primal Fear, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Saxon, Megadeth, Grave Digger and Destruction!
    Not a fan of Iron Maiden and ozzy!

  2. My top 10:
    1. Devin Townsend/Project/Strapping young lad
    2. Dream Theater
    3. Between the buried and me
    4. Opeth
    5. Metallica
    6. Meshuggah
    7. Iron maiden
    8. Mastodon
    9. Black Sabbath
    10. Gojira

  3. My own top 10, trying to involve what the bands did for metal a bit as well, but also personal preference

    10: Mercyful fate
    9: Motorhead
    8: Iron maiden
    7: Slayer
    6: Black Sabbath
    5: Metallica
    4: Dio
    3: Death
    2: Megadeth
    1: Judas priest

  4. Top 20 metal bands of all time INPO
    Dillinger escape plan, Dragonforce, Between the buried and me, Sepultura, Dream theater, Children of bodom, Carcass, Black sabbath, Judas priest, Slayer, Death, Opeth, Megadeth, Pantera, Trivium, System of a down, Lamb
    of God, Slipknot, Iron maiden, Metallica

  5. If this were top 20 metal bands of all time
    20. Dillinger escape plan
    19. Dragonforce
    18. Between the buried and me
    17. Opeth
    16. Dream theater
    15. Children of bodom
    14. Carcass
    13. Lamb of God
    12. System of a down
    11. Slipknot

  6. Metal is so legendary that deciding a top 10 including every essential band is nearly impossible. These 10 names come to mind when talking about both quality and influence.
    1. Black Sabbath
    2. Metallica
    3. Iron Maiden
    4. Opeth
    5. Slayer
    6. Judas Priest
    7. Death
    8. Megadeth
    9. Dream Theater
    10. Mastodon

  7. By putting Black Sabbath at first, Loudwire is suggesting that metal has gone downhill ever since the very first band. Black Sabbath is great and definitely deserves a spot on this list as the inventors of the genre, but certainly shouldn't be number one.

  8. My list
    10. Havok
    9. Killswitch Engage
    8. Fit For A King
    7. Alien Weaponry
    6. Warbringer
    5. Iron Maiden
    4&3. Black Sabbath and Ozzy(tied)
    2&1. Metallica and Gojira (tied)

  9. 1. Black Sabbath (King) & Judas Priest (Queen) share the Royal title
    2. Ozzy Osbourne (Prince of Darkness)
    3 to a million, don’t matter the order, as they're all (Knights) to the Masters of the Metal Realm mentioned above.

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