La mayor banda de heavy de todos los tiempos

¿Quién es la mayor banda de heavy de todos los tiempos? Podría ser Linkin Park, que dominó el arte de la flexión de géneros.

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41 respuestas a «La mayor banda de heavy de todos los tiempos»

  1. Is Linkin Park my favourite band now? No. But they were once, and they introduced me to Hard Rock/Nu-Metal, which later made me get into Prog Rock and Prog Metal. I will be forever grateful to them for introducing me to the world of Rock and Metal.

  2. Hybrid theory came out during my freshman year of college during a time where I was learning a lot about myself tastes were changing…. The first timeI heard the album it blew me away. It was one of those albums that became important to me because it’s what I was listening to during a significant point in my life.

  3. Every time anything new related to Linkin park pops up on my on my YouTube I watch it. And then regret it. It makes me sad thinking that I am never gonna hear anything new from Chester Bennington. It's like what they say, you don't know the value of a thing until you lose it.

  4. It's more Metallica they way more heavy than LP. LP is barely heavy like maybe 10 songs of their 100 they have put out over 15 years. Last album was all pop. Every album by LP was a different genre. Rock to Alternative to Rap to Experimental to. Metallica has barely swayed away from Rock. They were rock for 10 years to alternative to back to Rock for 10 years.

  5. You know I never took into conversation that Linkin Park made an impact in different genres from nu metal to pop. Although I prefer their nu metal sound I enjoy listening to songs like The Catalyst, Heavy, Waiting for the End, and Breaking the Habit

  6. Being a kid in the early 2000s linkin park was my jam. I was different to the 90s rock my mom listened to yet still familiar. I think it's because of linkin park that I got into even heavier music as I got older.

  7. I was 12 when Linkin Park’s first album dropped. Hybrid Theory was on solid replay by the time I was 13, the most formative years for developing musical taste, I’m so glad I was that age when they came along. I grew up with them.

  8. Linkin Parks melodicism and chesters voice is what caught me as a young rocker. But after Meteora it went all down hill. From Jay-Z onward it was just pure B$.

  9. I LOVED LP’s first two records when they came out and 20 years later I still listen to them often!! Unfortunately I didn’t like anything (except literally one or two songs) they did outside of Hybrid Theory and Meteora

  10. Linkin Park is not bigger than Metallica. Biggest heavy band of all time is Metallica. Linkin Park is not even a heavy band. Korn is a heavy band not Linkin Park.

  11. I won’t knock them because different people like different things, but I just never liked them. I gave their first album a chance, but it simply never clicked. That’s probably because I’ve mainly gravitated to much harder and faster music that’s written with way more complexity.

  12. i still think back to the concert, i was at, in 2008. his voice just killed it.
    in retoperspective, the lyrics don't suit me so much anymore, when i listen to it, i feel like something is dragging me down. it depends on the song, of course.
    but most of their songs, were very, very emotional. overall, the band was one of the ones, i grew up with. till, well, my 20's. very unique sound.

    good day to you all. keep it up. rest in peace, mr. bennington

    edited for bad spelling. english is not my native language

  13. Not trying hate but linkin park isn't metal at all not sure why he keeps saying that. They are one of the most successful bands ever no doubt about that but they are not metal at all. Nothing wrong with that but just gotta point that out.

  14. While they were a great band I can't call them my favorite. But there are not many bands that had a album that was all hits. I only ever bought hybrid theory and I loved all those songs on that album I saw them twice back in the early days and that was it I stopped following them. There are a lot of bands I think are better but you can't deny they had a great impact on the industry.

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