Jedi Mind Tricks (Vinnie Paz + Stoupe) – "Heavy Metal Kings" (feat. Ill Bill) [Official Video]


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Estás viendo el vídeo musical oficial de «Heavy Metal Kings» de Jedi Mind Tricks ft. Ill Bill, del álbum ‘Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell’, ya a la venta a través de Babygrande Records.

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Fundada en 2001, Babygrande Records es uno de los principales sellos independientes que operan en la actualidad. Babygrande sigue manteniendo su perspectiva única dentro de la industria, prosperando durante el periodo más volátil de la historia de la música grabada y más allá. El sello ha sido influyente en el lanzamiento de las carreras de nuevos artistas, al tiempo que ha trabajado para nutrir las carreras de los veteranos.

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  1. [Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]

    I murder you and laugh

    I'm Barry Sanders slashing through the path

    You a magician's assistant, I'm sawing you in half

    You a heathen that rely on the beast

    I'm a demon at the fire crucifying the priest

    I shine over beats, a motherfucking beast on the mic

    I'm a lion out the jungle, raw meat what I like

    I bleed in a fight, Vinnie like the taste of his blood

    And I'll open up your stomach like the case of a slug

    I'm faithful to drugs, putting metal plates in your mug

    Dump your body in the motherfucking lake in a rug

    Face in the mud, y'all create the facade

    That my people have exterminated faith in their God

    Patience is hard, cousin, but it pays to be calm

    Go to war for anybody who embraces Islam

    I'm gracious and warm, ready for the place in the war

    And I'm ready to smash your motherfucking face in the floor

    [Hook: Vinnie Paz]

    We got that gangster gangster shit

    "The heavy metal king hold big shit"

    We got that murder murder shit

    You talk that gangster gangster shit

    We live that murder murder shit

    [Verse 2: ILL Bill]

    Without order nothing exists, without chaos nothing evolves

    Now get on your knees so I can stick this gun in your mouth

    I'm a Slayer album personified, Holocaust, Columbine

    Middle Passage, Israel versus Palestine

    It's the Cult Leader, drink your Kool-Aid

    Roll with the doctors that produce AIDS

    I open my mouth, I shoot flames

    The freedom fighter that got the whole world terrified

    ILL Bill, human manifestation of genocide

    Stand amongst Grammy-winning grimy nose candy sniffers

    Blast the black metal at you like Danny Lilker

    It's impossible to escape my matrix of hate

    I'll make a good girl a cum dumpster, Satan awaits

    Set the razors to AKs and turn raisins to grapes

    Turn blood into wine with an insatiable taste

    Drink from the goblet of gore, vomiting porn

    Sodom and Gomorrah back to Canarsie, New York


    Is this the bringing of the king to his parliament?

    Till the land was all undone and darkened by such deeds


    We got that gangster gangster shit

    "The heavy metal king hold big shit"

    We got that murder murder shit

    You talk that gangster gangster shit

    We live that murder murder shit

    [Verse 3: Vinnie Paz]

    You don't know about the gospel of Judas

    About the information found in the Galapagos Ruins

    How the warriors would sharpen they blades

    How if they wanted to, the government could cure you of AIDS

    We the equivalent of fire and ice

    The equivalent of a prisoner who die for his rights

    I'm lying to Christ, put your fucking spine in a vice

    I'm like Trump in The Apprentice, only fire at night

    I'm dying to fight, slap you five, and put ten in you

    Louie Doggs, the fucking Genocide General

    So I say fuck the CIA and they plan

    Get me outta here I'd rather fucking stay in Iran

    I'll run up on you with grenades in my hand

    If you fuck around with Bill or try to hate on my fam

    It's the dichotomy of hatred in man

    If you ever even think of trying to play me then BLAM!


    We got that gangster gangster shit

    "The heavy metal king hold big shit"

    We got that murder murder shit

    You talk that gangster gangster shit

    We live that murder murder shit

  2. Vinnie Paz beats are super unique and when they drop it's always rediculous then when those Vinne Bars come, it's like holy shit I need to fight someone or hit the gym immediately!!

  3. I remember the first time I listened to this song back in like 12 or 13 it wasn't like anything I ever heard before. These guys were way ahead of their time and under rated as fuck

  4. Oh it gets even better 2 days before that Ariana s*** happened the Three musketeers were actually here in Hudson falls at cumby's at the same time at the store that I was at one was in the store working two were outside sitting in cars leaving f**** Starbucks cups and f**** drinks on the ground for me to pick up to tell me what ones I have to drink why didn't you just tell me get in the car cuz I need to deserve really that long since you see me you don't even recognize me you're leaving me all the stuff but you can't say hi will you pay for everything you sit there and play with yourself every night wishing that I'd be in bed with you but you can't say get in the car PJ and you say I'm sick in that you girls got some mental f**** issues because you're not f**** me you're f**** yourself

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