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  1. In 2010, this video came on YouTube homepage. The browsing center has good headsets and it's amazin. I've listened 30-40 times. Meaning ful song to metal heads

  2. Wow. This video is so full of cliches that not sure if it is supposed to be a parody. Dream Evil is a pretty wellknown band, so no need to go this low budget. However, without MTV or other good channels a metal band can be discovered through a music video is considered by many bands as a waste of money and most of the bigger acts go with a lyrics video. That is a bit sad, since it's still preferable to acutally see the guys behind the music .

  3. makes me feed good like . viking gods live . earth's trees. seas . defending the planet.
    around funny but hay its a crazy idea but . umm war about it really swore about modernisation

  4. The Guinness world record for the cheesiest fucking band on the planet. I get CheezWhiz pouring out of my ears every time I hear them
    Seriously, they even beat Manowar for that title.

  5. Definitely the heaviest of the noble metals. Or is it the noblest of the heavy…

    "Don't need no flashy house, car, or ugly wife" … That's a metal red pill for you right there.

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