Cómo tocar los teclados con una banda de Heavy Metal Clínica de Teclado Serpent Underground

Cómo tocar los teclados y el piano en el heavy metal. Ralph Buso de Serpent Underground da consejos sobre cómo tocar el piano y los teclados en una banda de heavy metal.

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  1. This guys has the right idea: in metal, the keyboard should be just for atmospheric purposes. Every time a keyboard starts playing a solo in a metal song, I hope a lightning will strike the keyboard player in the face.

  2. Anyone saying this keyboard sucks is an idiot. The Motif's are bad ass. This guy just isn't doing it any justice. No disrespect, he seems like a decent guy, but his playing (and effect choices) needs a LOT of work. It was cool of him to make the video though.

  3. Wow the instrument bank sounds like shit indeed, it's hard to believe this is a Yamaha Motif synth…..I heard better sounding guitars on a cheap CASIO!
    Wow, how much you paid for that synth, you got ripped off !!!

  4. Lots of haters making comments, y'all need to quit drinking Hater-ade and eating hater tots. Not everybody wants or needs Children Of My Bottom crazy keys, some people use the keyboard just to add some atmosphere, not for finger acrobatics, and that's fine with me. A lot people have an attitude with music like "Lets see how many notes I can fit into this measure" which is fine in certain styles, but sometimes something simple works just fine. Quit being pretentious d-bags.

  5. So.. because he composes better and easier by using an instrument, he is not a composer? Music is music. People like you make me sick like seriously lol, get over yourself. Half the bands you listen to (no matter what genre) probably don't know a damn thing about music theory… because it's about music, not paper. A good composer can compose with anything and that's the truth. As a side note, this guy does look like he doesn't know wtf he's doing, and probably can't compose too well. But still.

  6. I think the guy is a nice, personable guy and I am sure there are some fans of Serpent Underground out there. I am not one of them.

    As for this being a "Clinic" on how to play keyboards in a Heavy Metal band, this guy has less than no clue. Literally hundreds of Heavy Metal bands actually use REAL keyboardists in their bands giving it a Gothic feel. Now that type of heavy metal I am definitely a fan of.

  7. its kinda funny if you expect something really good, and then hear these cheesy old school sounds 😀

    by the way, its a motif, and they can sound MONSTER! but this sounds like a cheap fisher price keyboard or casio keyboard….

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