50 BANDAS DE METAL PESADO que debes conocer (Parte 3)

¡La tercera parte ha llegado, trayendo las bandas #30 – #21 para ti!

30. Leprous –
29. Manegarm –
28. Dissona –
27. Plini –
26. Susurro –
25. Los bosques del amanecer –
24. Prospekt –
23. Lycus –
22. Elend –
21. Yunque Negro –

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27 respuestas a «50 BANDAS DE METAL PESADO que debes conocer (Parte 3)»

  1. Hey CoverKiller, Prospekt has released an album this year. Could you make a review of it if you have time? 🙂

    Continue your great work. This long list has given me lots of new stuff to explore! Thanks 😀

  2. i love this mini series, just discovered lycus! youre description of it just clicked with me and yup you were right, its fuckin destructive in the doom metal sense. first two songs of the album are the shining examples imo. thanks CKN!

  3. Hey coverkiller how do you feel about the job for a cowboy album "Sun eater"? I've never heard anything so atmospheric and so heavy since Death. I feel they're unfairly shrugged off as a core band because they kind of were on their first stuff, but I can't get over Sun Eater

  4. I like you to research Band Maid from Japan, they have got a their 1st major/4th album called Just Bring It, they are a all girl hard rock band and they dress as maids which is totally awesome, Albums I would recommend to you right now is A New Beginning and Brand New Maid. A band worth to keep an eye on for getting big as they have done their 1st world tour this year

  5. I'm going to compile these into a note and refer to it when I'm on the look for something new for my ears. Don't have a lot of time to digest music. Thanks for the uploads, CKN, you've made so much fantastic stuff known to me, here's to much more.

  6. video idea? Maybe you have done already, but a video for the bands/people that use youtube as their platform to release their music and gain fans like Jarod Dines or Hungry Lights for example. Could be interesting.

  7. Hey CoverKiller is it safe to say that Steven Wilson has a Slayer type fan base? Im in a prog group in Facebook and a guy posted that he dosent know who Steven is and people are fucking eating the guy up for just asking who he was. Dont get me wrong a fucking love steven and pocupine tree might be my favorite band

  8. just because plini was in this list it made it better. his style got me into animals as leaders and djent as a whole. finding out is one man inspired a young guitarist like myself.

  9. Prospekt is currently working on their new album. I think it was supposed to come out this year but it was pushed back. It comes out next year as far as I know.

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