5 compositores clásicos escriben para HEAVY METAL BAND

En este vídeo 5 compositores con formación en música clásica escriben nuevas piezas de 1 minuto para una banda de heavy metal. Llamé a la banda ‘The DBCBs’ – la David Bruce Composer Band. Muchas gracias a todos los participantes.

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Miembros de la banda
Batería – Yogev Gabay
Bajo – Lior Ozeri
Guitarra – Alon Tamir
Guitarra – Yoel Genin
Voz – Ben Levin

Tantacrul (Intro 02:52) (Pieza – 03:53)
Zoë Martlew (Intro 07:07) (Pieza – 08:04) –
Nathan Schram (Intro 11:16) (Pieza – 12:06) –
Robin Haigh (Intro 15:31) (Pieza – 17:07) –
David Bruce (Intro 20:20) (Pieza – 20:56)

También puedes ver el Esopo de Robin Haigh:

36 respuestas a «5 compositores clásicos escriben para HEAVY METAL BAND»

  1. the absolute nightmare of ben's vocals is something else. from what i can tell i dig him as a person, i dig his music. but a couple of these tracks felt kinda like a caricature of what a non metal fan thinks metal vocals are. im sure he's fully aware, but idk, feels weird to me. david's track is fucking rad though. thanks to everyone who worked on this, im here for more.

  2. I predicted before listening, that most of these would sound, not unlike the metal subgenre of technical-metal. And I was correct.

    Cynic, Spiral Architect, Blotted Science (a band that uses 12 tone), Atheist, Watchtower, Freakitchen, Spastic Ink, Ron Jarzombek and, and others have been doing this kind of stuff for years.

  3. Love this video! David mentioned wanting more "composed metal" as he called. There are actually already quite a few metal bands out there who compose their music rather like this, and most of the pieces here really evoked that style for me.

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