15 bandas de metal gótico de las que no has oído hablar

Veamos otras bandas de las que quizá no hayas oído hablar.

Canciones en el video:
Circus of Fools – Another World
Luna Obscura – The Burden of Solitude
Lunar Path – The One Behind the Mirror
Asrai – All Seems so Hollow
Lahannya – Abre los ojos
Mandragora Scream – Titan
Darzamat – Un Filósofo en el Fin del Universo
Lágrimas que fluyen – Merlín
Macbeth – Olor a Invierno
To-Mera – Sangre
Lovelorn Dolls – Dead Sea
Misteyes – Creeping Time
Beseech – Drama (en vivo)
Belle Morte – Lace
Lightless Moor – Qualcosa Vive Attraverso


Canción de fondo: Theatre of Tragedy – Lorelei (versión synthwave de Natan Caetano/Lost Song)

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  1. Only had heard To-Mera before, but it was Luna Obscura that caught my attention here. So I googled them and I'll be damned, the vocalist is Gogo Melone, from Aeonian Sorrow, a band I'm in the process of checking their videos here on YT! And I only recently discovered them because Gogo designed a Vintersea t-shirt!

    On another note, and in case you don't know, Snow White Blood will release their new music video tomorrow (Friday) for "You Belong To Me", so keep an eye out for that one… And fingers crossed the reaction will come out great!

    I'm also waiting for the Epica's "Freedom – The Wolves Within" reaction, which I assume you'll do!

    And thanks for these compilations!

  2. Before I even watch the video: We'll see. (conclusion to come)

    Conclusion: Okay… not gonna lie, you had me stumped with Circus of Fools, which had me worried. But, other than that, Lunar Path, and Misteyes, I have heard of all of them. However, I'd never actually listened to Luna Obscura, Lahannya, Belle Morte, and Lightless Moor (whose name makes me laugh because its so similar to the Spanish power metal band Dark Moor). I love a lot of these bands, though I never cared for To-Mera or Lovelorn Dolls (I should listen to LD again, they might be a band that grows on me like Asrai or Darzamat) 🙂

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