Within Temptation, “The Silent Force Tour” 2.005

Within Temptation, “The Silent Force Tour”  2.005, concierto completo.

Within Temptation es una banda holandesa de metal gótico y metal sinfónico/rock sinfónico.

Within Temptation The Silent Force Tour

Within Temptation The Silent Force Tour


1. Deceiver of Fools.
2. Stand My Ground.
3. Jillian (I’d Give My Heart).
4. It’s the Fear.
5. Forsaken.
6. Angels.
7. Towards The End.
8. Memories.
9. Intro.
10. See Who I Am.
11. Aquarius.
12. Pale.
13 Jane Doe.
14. Caged.
15 Mother Earth.
16 Candles.
17. The Other Half (Of Me)” (featuring George Oosthoek of Orphanage).
18 Ice Queen.

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