These goth bath bombs will give you nightmares! Shop Sweet S…

These goth bath bombs will give you nightmares!
Shop Sweet Shop of Horrors here:

Footage also provided by *Old Mom, New Tricks! Please check out her Instagram here: and YouTube here:


25 comentarios en These goth bath bombs will give you nightmares! Shop Sweet S…

  • June Batty  says:

    Just because these bath bombs are creepy or horror themed doesn’t mean they’re goth.

  • Fabien Lapinou Brossier  says:

    Laura Henry,pr ton bain,excellent,non!!!perso je kiffe.👍🏻😜

  • Jeff van Gestel  says:

    Maartje Martens da hedde al is laten zien maar blijft wel mooi

  • Elysium Quinn  says:

    But they have nothing inside

  • Cheryl Hudson  says:

    I would love to use these I think they would be fun

  • Stephanie Brown McMullan  says:

    Stephanie Elizabeth McIntyre i used to love bath bombs til i saw the doll heads and watching it 😯

  • Andrea Schilling  says:

    Suddenly I wish I had a bath tub 😭

  • Annie Lucas  says:

    Kerrie Munro I should get these for Mere xxx

  • Payasiita Plastique Noir  says:

    I would never use them because they are so adorable 😂😂

  • Kira Suzuki  says:

    The last one was definitely Negan’s Bat Lucille

  • Lauggui Vicuña  says:

    Necesitas estas bombas de baño Diana Rios

  • Fabien Lapinou Brossier  says:

  • Michelle Licea  says:

    Sooo cute 🖤🖤🖤

  • Albert Boullart  says:

    Iets voor je Halloween shop, Stefan ?

  • Folke Jacobsson Niss  says:

    Nikita Åkesson vi ska aldrig köpa såna😯💞😂

  • Raffi Helena  says:

    Linda Lini Maus de hobn a was find i

  • Dan-ee Jay  says:

    Renee Williams I need this haha

  • Tattiana Rosric  says:

    Rolando Canchica Thijsen regalame este!!!😍😍😍😍

  • Erica Oxlade  says:

    Jac 😱😍🙌

  • Jennifer Dietz  says:

    Lydia Capozoli and Emily Booth

  • Theresa Kurtz  says:

    Tonya Hawkins Marie Bartlett Ziggy Slice Kimberly Kurtz Selena Collett Kaz QB Pinchbeck

  • Bunny Grimm  says:

    Bella Irene look

  • Elvia Nicole Christian  says:

    Jessica Christian-Byrd

  • Lynne Belisle  says:

    Jacqueline Gauthier. Cool huh?

  • Shannon Carmichael  says:

    Michael Crystalline gimme

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