👹Gothic Glam "Witch Couture" Halloween Makeup Tutorial👿

Instagram: www.instagram.com/erinnicolebeauty Blog: www.ErinNicoleTV.com Happy Halloween Beauties!!! This makeup tutorial was inspired by Photography Blu in Tampa, Florida. Website: Have you seen my Harley Quinn tutorial? Products Used: Too Faced Born This Way foundation L’Oreal Visible Lift concealer White CostumeContinue reading👹Gothic Glam "Witch Couture" Halloween Makeup Tutorial👿

👹† Pastel Goth Makeup †パステルゴシックメイク👿

。.+†淡く毒のあるPastel Gothic パステルゴシックメイクに挑戦†+.。 It’s a poison lightly, I have that. so..Yes..Pastel Goth make up!! akin to Japanese Yume kawaii. Though a glance is a fairy tale, a poison is felt… 今回は一見メルヘンなのかな?と思いきや ゴテゴテゴシックメイク!な二刀流でメイクしました(*´﹃`*) †今回のwig† ☞ ☞ヘアゴムを使わずピンだけでアレンジしてみました!  本来はとても長いので今回はミディに╰(*´︶`*)╯

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