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Goth music: Goth Music: My Musical Joys

For those of you looking for bands to listen to that are in the "Goth" genre. Here are some of my favourite bands (not all goth, but much enjoyed). Also I give you a few bands that you might like based on the likes of other people in my areas gothic community. Leer Más [...]Leer Más

Goth music: G.O.T.H. Episode 6: “Bands A Make Her Dance”

Richard Taylor Jr. AKA J-Rich is spreading the Motivation and Inspiration from Chicago Throughout this world. In this Episode Richard Talks about the infamous "Band A Make Her Dance". This is a message of accountability and self worth for everybody! Prepare Leer Más [...]Leer Más

Goth music: The Spectrum of Goth: Unconventional Gothic Music

Redefining the spectrum of Goth Music. Many proponents of the Goth culture subscribe to a very narrow definition of what it means to be Goth. We present an alternative to the doubting novice, and show it is OK to like a whole variety of styles without Leer Más [...]Leer Más

Goth music: THE DARK GOD ( by one man doom/goth metal band/project) DARK SHADOW

,New song from one man doom metal band/project DARK SHADOW. Vocal ,guitars lyrics and all music by CHOLEX. ADS Tribugotica: Gothic clothing store Leer Más [...]Leer Más

Goth music: Phantom Tribe Goth band

Phantom Tribe recorded at the now defunct Club Atlantis Danse Matrix620 Frankfort in Feb 2001 ADS Tribugotica: online gothic clothing store Leer Más [...]Leer Más

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Goth music: VG-3012: Vintage Goth cotton band collar top.

Vintage Goth aims to bring global customers, cutting edge fashion which is different from the mainstream. The brand moves away from colourful brashness and extravagance of today. The designs are subtle, yet experimental and spell earthiness alongside Leer Más [...]Leer Más

Goth music: Suspiria, Intra-Venus, Razorfade dark-goth dance megamix

Tribute to Mark Tansley's genius... Tracklist: 0:00-05:46 Intra-Venus: Last chance 05:47-11:24 Suspiria: All in pieces 11:24-16:51 Razorfade: Chemical distraction 16:53-22:17 Suspiria: You Bleed Me (909th Dry Mix) 22:17-28:51 Intra-Venus: Confusion 28:53-33:35 Leer Más [...]Leer Más