Ultra cool track released 1992 from the album Candy from a Stranger. Previously known as The Wake RSV they changed their name to Slow Burn due to another band called The Wake. This American goth band released one album of pure quality.


Tribugotica: Punk, gothic, alternative clothing store …

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Jerald Boyd · 13 agosto, 2018 a las 1:46

Sung by Wayne Boyd of Fitchberg WI

Jason Ledyard · 13 agosto, 2018 a las 1:46

I remember reading an interview with these guys right after they changed their name.  Couldn't find their album anywhere.  Wake RSV was great.  They should have put out more stuff with Nightbreed…. at least Trev shipped to America easily.  Domestic micro labels were terrible at distribution for goth at that time.  

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