Meeting “Leafar Seyer” and “Dave parlay” after purchasing two of his frame art pieces. “Leafar Seyer Cross” & “Dave parlay cross” from his art show ” love makes time pass”. I got a chance to meet him personally and thank him for his music that saved my life .thanks to #thesedaysla art gallery for giving him a chance to meet his fans.He also singed some poster for us to frame. LEAFAR & DAVE are power full and down to earth, and do care about all there fans. Stand up solid RAZA! Much respect to them both and the movement “cholo goth 4 life! .Mucho thanks to everyone who put this together For us. this vid was going in my private collection, but I almost lost this video .so had to put it up.( P. S. I was high as fuck sorry if I was acting stupid. I feel like a fan boy never been, but respect “PRAYERS” 2the FULLEST!!


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