Peliculas de terror gratis Operation: Nazi Zombies | Full Horror Movie

Peliculas de Terror Kings of Horror presents: Operation: Nazi Zombies

A team of Army Special Forces is sent into a secluded, secret biological weapons facility, only to fall prey to the specimens of a Nazi experiment that was recreated by the Army Chemical Corps and the CIA after World War II. When the chain of command breaks, the soldiers find themselves trapped in a world of flesh eating zombies, Government assassins and the ultimate evil! One by one the hunters become the hunted in this action packed, blood soaked, zombie-rompin’ tale of the unholy terrors of biological warfare. It’s bound to keep you locked, loaded and looking around every corner!

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32 comentarios en Peliculas de terror gratis Operation: Nazi Zombies | Full Horror Movie

  • Tyrone Robinson  says:

    I enjoyed it

  • KC Brown  says:

    This is Jack 👳🏻 he needs 1 like to help him get over the concussion

  • KC Brown  says:


  • Eric Diaz  says:

    por q ría

  • Keylor Rodriguez  says:

    Fuck you americans of shit!!!

  • TheEpikGamerz HD  says:

    50th comment..


    soy el único latinó o qur

  • Zack Lee  says:

    so we have a bit of this email and then we can you can get it is not the other day

  • Kevin  says:

    Dude get a better camera, The quality looks like as if it was made by low quality materials in a prison. Which is horrible

  • Frankie Manhattan  says:

    This is trash

  • Dibujos legales  says:

    ta inglês 😥😭😭😭😭

  • Bri G.  says:

    I don't know who are the worst actors here, the Zombies or the Special forces guys. I was only able to watch 30 min of this horrible stuff.

  • Trenton 2006 gaming  says:

    did someone call NIKOLIA BELINSKI,EDWARD RICHTOFEN,TANK DEMPSEY,TAKEO I forgot takeo,s last name

  • Leo Marcus  says:

    boring. !!!!!!!!!

  • كريشنا الوحش الظلم  says:


  • Zia Safi  says:

    fuck your channel

  • Paul Hoover  says:

    shows how Pussies crack under pressure,,,

  • Wayne Challenger  says:


  • waterbottle2000 #H2OFTW  says:

    The way the black guy punched the zombie in the river. "Bitch my fight is not with you".

  • Marie Tsikopoulou  says:

    What is this fascination with zombies (walking dead meat)? All these movies end up the same way. What other possible outcome can we have?

  • Invasion Studios LLC  says:

    if you like Operation: Nazi Zombies … check out our newest film Reichsfuhrer SS

  • Invasion Studios LLC  says:

    i was so young in this lol

  • Aspen Guevara  says:

    How tall is that woman?

  • carmen elena torres alfaro  says:

    omg full horror omg

  • Greyson De Saye  says:

    Good movie the main actor did a great job! Greyson in Va.

  • Andy L  says:


  • Clifton Rosalio  says:

    ive got2runsomething do I not ' "

  • Roseann Dongcoy  says:


  • Micha Garcia  says:

    nice movie

  • Miranda Williams  says:


  • Brender Omari  says:


  • Rana Husnain  says:

    i think that king of horror is best
    i advise my friends to subscribed ''king of horror''

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