Peliculas de terror gratis Contagio | Full Horror Movie

Peliculas de Miedo Kings of Horror presents: Contagio

Calvin and Iris’s dream vacation turns into a nightmare when a satellite the government claimed to have destroyed crashes near their campsite and releases a deadly toxic cloud.

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23 comentarios en Peliculas de terror gratis Contagio | Full Horror Movie

  • d dalton roc'zombie  says:

    All u critics must be some beautiful and talented people LOFL!

  • Kathleen M.  says:

    Is there ANY good KOH movies at all????

  • Walter ricardo Terrones segura  says:

    Mano …te olvidaste del subtitulo

  • XxExpErGamingxX  says:


  • Armando garcia  says:

    Que diaverga y uno tiene que verla en ingle

  • Bella Vampyre  says:

    strange but interesting film. reminds me of night of the living dead.

  • Samuel Ruiz  says:

    Y el subtitulo por la mierda

  • Oscar Manuel Paula  says:

    algun comentario en español

  • Daniel M.  says:

    Horror Films in German or German Subtitle. That's great my friend. Sry for my English xD

  • joedilyn quintila  says:

    Bad acting

  • moo moo  says:

    that was really awful!

  • rabbitss11  says:

    there's lots of honest endeavour here but the film has a strange lack of energy

  • Marivaldo Cascaes  says:

    Putzzzz , que merda de filme ! Custo de Produção US$ 5.000 já e muito caro !!

  • Forest Taniguchi  says:

    buck tooth bitch

  • Forest Taniguchi  says:

    cute little shorts

  • Red BSTRD  says:

    Det eneste gode der er, at sige om denne film er, at den er gratis – og hurra for det. Jeg er glad for ikke at have givet penge for at se den 👌🏻😉😂🤣

  • Anthony Caldeira  says:

    these are the kind of people who shouldn't go camping. she was wearing boots with heels and smooth bottoms in the beginning of movie, probably why she fell in the hole!!! yeah, this is one unintelligent flick!

  • TJ  says:

    I want a relationship as strong as this girl's bone marrow

  • TJ  says:

    So dude climbs down instead of using that same rope to allow his less-weighing girlfriend to climb out? Hold this L fam.

  • Manuel Tabora  says:

    Me No English 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

  • Ana Flores  says:

    es la pelicula mas estúpida que e visto

  • albania almonte  says:

    para el que lee los comentarios antes de ver la película les digo que no la vean es la porquería más grande que he visto en internet

  • Rafael Silva  says:

    filme muito ruim…

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