Horror movies online Zombie Wars: Battle of the Bone | Full Horror Movie

Zombie Wars: Battle of the Bone | Full Horror Movie

Horror movies Kings of Horror presents: Zombie Wars: Battle of the Bone

A martial arts zombie extravaganza from award-winning Irish writer/director George Clarke, filmed and set entirely in Northern Ireland. When two opposing sides face-off in one of Belfast’s worst ever riots, fate casts a nasty spell as an army of drug crazed zombies descend on the capital forcing the enemies to join as one, and stop this new threat from taking over the city. Caught in the middle, are three friends trying to escape to the East, only to find themselves surrounded by bigoted thugs, burning bridges, and high testosterone! Using hard-hitting martial arts, and constantly on the run, the three young heroes soon find out that the fight-loving thugs are only the least of their worries!

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25 comentarios en Horror movies online Zombie Wars: Battle of the Bone | Full Horror Movie

  • Evil Queen  says:

    boaring movie… i watched this movie with cut cut cut… and mind it zombie cant run fast…

  • Sagar Bam  says:

    Fuck this movie

  • Hayabusa-Rider- 4-Life  says:

    For everyone on here crying about wanting to see "train to busan" just watch "World War Z" it's basically a Thai rip-off copy of Z, with one exception. instead of the zombie plague taking over the entire world (World War Z) it's just takes over a damn train station and the city. "Train to Busan" is lame as hell!!!

  • Aidiel Ynwa  says:

    idiot movie

  • shoaib jamali  says:

    can someone please tell me that what is the name of music at 4:30

  • Mirtha Duarte  says:

    deberían tener subtítulos en español para los qué no hablamos inglés

  • Roger Pasco  says:

    too much running around and lighting is poor.

  • Thi Le  says:

    ph j ma khonng co thuyet minh

  • とんくりん  says:


  • Zola Ponsel  says:


  • pathdaly  says:

    Sorry, didn't do anything for me, just really not very interesting.

  • billder999  says:

    The half hour par cours chase and fights were stupid, the zombie attacks are stupid, not one single charachter developed… now at 40 minutes in and I quit.

  • julie Amorra  says:

    hmmm not bad

  • kim gonzales  says:

    the walkindg dead love you

  • kim gonzales  says:

    me gustan las películas de Zombie. los amo

  • Rajesh Iti  says:

    1st half is so boring then it is

  • Karazoana  says:

    I love zombie movies but this is crap

  • Matías Javier Parralejo  says:

    Por favor agregen sub español! quiero ver esta pelicula!

  • Calíco Veyne  says:

    top dos tops

  • Shaydia Turner  says:

    this movie is so dope I love it

  • puro agung Christyanto  says:

    movie fuck

  • jun Padilla  says:

    entertaining movie..like it. Thanks KOH😊

  • Squirrel Attackspidy  says:

    Oh my god. This movie looks like it came out in the 80's and filmed on a Handicam.

  • jay c  says:

    the most running i have ever seen in any movie lmao

  • jay c  says:

    ripping of the michael myers music lol

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