Horror movies online Zombie Apocalypse | Full Horror Movie

Zombie Apocalypse | Full Horror Movie

Horror movies Kings of Horror presents: Zombie Apocalypse

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Two college roommates get the fright of their lives when they head out to the bar, and come face to face with a shambling army of the undead. All Mark and Tom wanted was a fun night out on the town, but now they’ll be forced to fight if they want to survive until dawn. Thankfully Mark is handy with an axe, and medical student Tom has played enough video games to keep his cool in the chaos. With depressive video store clerk Raven helping to fend off the horde, they may stand a chance of making it through the night without getting devoured – or worse. But who is Miller, and what connection does his missing wife have to these horrible creatures. By the time the weary survivors find out, it may already be too late.

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31 comentarios en Horror movies online Zombie Apocalypse | Full Horror Movie

  • Metha Nathalia  says:


  • Tyrone Robinson  says:

    I enjoyed it

  • Mary Aberlla  says:

    really funny not scary liked it

  • Антип  says:


  • julie Amorra  says:

    seram..jga. a bit scary

  • ElderWizardGaming  says:

    Nice video dude i subed 🙂 can you please checkout my channel?

  • SilvanoGamer909 Jhedd909  says:

    1:31:08 thats so good

  • Karazoana  says:

    worst acting I've ever seen

  • Rasheeda Monroe  says:

    i liked it…Was more funny than scary…their voices😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😀

  • Travis Cockrell  says:

    was a very good movie miller did over act but that fight was great mark acted great and ms chainsaw ppl need WATCH this again good

  • ch raju  says:


  • Jaerome Tuan  says:


  • Kily pinecss  says:

    They get take down easily

  • Kily pinecss  says:

    This move is rake

  • Kily pinecss  says:


  • Sabrin Doullah  says:

    Kid's film

  • Noto Jasmin  says:

    hahaha this is a little bit funny 😀😀😀

  • めぐみ上野  says:


  • Otelas Ionut  says:

    Da nun

  • 신 재 연  says:

    is this real ?

  • Ziggy What goes around comes around  says:

    the producer was under drugs i guess. this what we call it sheet movie

  • Key Rianasarie  says:

    do u hv zen 261?

  • Mark Cook  says:

    nice way this was thought out, and I know props ets cost a hell of a lot but give you credit that part, acting was extremely poorly done though but 5/10 for attempt, keep it up in time can get better.

  • Dinanath Shaw  says:

    suggest me some good zombies movie

  • jon waddell  says:

    fkn hilarious, good stuff

  • deejay5292  says:


  • Realcowboy Realcowboy  says:

    these guys king of horrors movies completely suck . why do they keep making them. I tried watching 4 of them but after ten minutes I just can't, their movies are all crap bad writing and even worse acting

  • بـنـتـ الـحـشـد ➂➀➂  says:

    جـمـيـل جـدا

    Ou a lot of sweet zombie love a lot of zombie

  • Cristian Experimente, faze tari orice  says:

    is very slab

  • Justin Bieber  says:


  • Scott Serson  says:

    I liked it!

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