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Horror movies #KingsOfHorror presents: The Shadow Within

A supernatural thriller about Maurice Dumont, a nine year-old who can connect with the dead. Propelled by grief over the death of Maurice’s twin brother Jacques at birth, his mother Marie falls under the influence of Madame Armand, who convinces Marie to force her son to act as a medium to the next world. As Jacques asserts himself through Maurice, he comes to the realization that they both desire the same thing: their parents’ love, only Jacques does not want to return to the living: he wants his parents to join him in the afterlife.

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24 comentarios en Horror movies online The Shadow Within | Full Horror Movie

  • Cheryl Tokash  says:

    This was actually kind of good!! I was definitely very pleasantly surprised!!

  • Marian Leung  says:

    the film makes me feeling upset

  • jill stergiou  says:

    Really liked this movie. The mom was a nut job.

  • eleana cabrera  says:


  • Joey Sal  says:

    That's what i call a horror movie.. Thanks!

  • Rabin_ Aisyah  says:

    subtitle indonesia

  • Hungover in high heels  says:

    47 minutes in and I can't stop saying how much of a cunt his mother is

  • reana reanes  says:

    Heart touching

  • flamindigo  says:

    too british – that's spelled "b o r i n g"

  • blue eyes  says:

    very good movie

  • Mandy Jones  says:

    Great film, really enjoyed it!

  • Nosheen Khan  says:

    mother is really a real bitch i must say😠

  • Sammy Humani  says:

    nice one..

  • Nadiyah Shonte  says:

    OK, why does this little boy have on a blue suit with a long sleeve jacket but short shorts? In the winter with snow on the ground? Ummmm……

  • Andrea vanlinschoten-joudi  says:

    A bit boring.

  • Mahima Magar  says:

    I hate that mother …..😠😠😠

  • Joyce Patrick  says:


  • Demy Hayes  says:

    can you order them on dvd

  • Chengfu Saechao  says:

    beth winslet looks sooooo
    much like kate winslet..is
    Beth older than Kate?!!

  • Rizwana Uppal  says:

    His mother was a bitch.

  • SAM iam  says:

    fantastic movie!
    beyond the snot though. lol

  • Toni Hughes  says:

    love movies like this! great movie

  • Toni Hughes  says:

    That big old house tho! creepy

  • Bec-i  says:

    this movie is so nice

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