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Horror movies #KingsOfHorror presents: The Ouija Experiment

Film student Brandon and four friends play with a Ouija board, unwittingly opening a portal to the spirit world and a drowned girl’s deadly mystery.

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42 comentarios en Horror movies online The Ouija Experiment | Full Horror Movie

  • rock tumbler  says:

    The skinny whiney white dude is a little bitch. There is NO way a cool black dude is going to be hanging out with this cuck. This whole thing is BS.

  • jason clark  says:

    good one ,,,but we should've a least got one booty shot of the Asian chic, good though

  • YouRony  says:

    My birthday is april 29 too…

  • Mini Nightmare  says:

    Wtf y Joe act like he's 4

  • Tiffany Boulton  says:

    Tis movie is my stuff

  • Heidi Sopko  says:

    this movie freaked me out

  • Abbigail Keft  says:


  • Abbigail Keft  says:

    Very good

  • Brii Wright  says:


  • Syzygy MSP  says:

    When it said drowned my heart fucking dropped.

  • Beauty Queen  says:

    Joseph was only protecting Gracie and that mother lisa was so bad bad mother so mean kill her daughter and Joseph was innocent good poor Joseph they all thought it was his fault about Gracie dead at least they are in peace now without having lisa around this was so sad😢

  • Tracy KaPoni  says:

    Why didn't lynette tell her brother that it was true…..

  • Playlist girl  says:

    I remember watching this with my older cousin years ago on Netflix and it scared him and me I wanted to rewatch this cause I loved it so much!

  • Darren Deng  says:

    they have a nice house

  • Lena Hopkins  says:

    great movie

  • RudyPlayzGames  says:

    Who also is scared that there is gonna be a jumpscare like every minute?

  • Alezeh Orozco  says:

    I jumped at 52:17

  • Ame Smith  says:

    How the heck did Michael dIE I'm still not getting a connection of how he died. So reply to this comment if you think you know what actually happened to Michael.

  • Bettye Dickson  says:

    Why did Calvin show his ugly butt on the movie

  • Bettye Dickson  says:

    Scary but I like it

  • LukeTheNuke004  says:

    Can someone explain me the ending.

  • Ri'AikaCröw  says:

    Wow that woman was pathetic. To put a man before your child and killed her for some thing. Real pathetic.

  • IceWarrior101  says:

    What if while they were filming an actual demon came out? lol.. guess they would look like really good actors.

  • glynna schmehl  says:

    Some pppppppppppeople film their whole life stories. How pathetic.

  • glynna schmehl  says:

    Now wait, I did have a black boyfriend I went to my third prom with, but he was cuter than calvin here.

  • glynna schmehl  says:

    This was some great acting. These people should be super stars. Instead we have to watch Blake lively.

  • glynna schmehl  says:

    After I date a black guy I give them a big hug and send them on their way.

  • Cameron Travis  says:

    they talking about his window was open

  • Fidget Spinner  says:

    It's not that scary

  • anvil hammer  says:

    This movie sucks

  • Graci B  says:

    Dude my names Gracie but it's spelt without an e so it's Graci

  • eddy rodriguez  says:

    Fuck this free piece of shit movie

  • Arieny Chavez  says:

    Is that really or Fake

  • Jerry Vidal  says:

    the Asian girl or whatever she is, she mad stupid like tf

  • Sedrick Baxter  says:


  • Summer Worth  says:

    OMG!!!!! BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!

  • Earl Winn  says:

    the movie is kinda good if you can forget the fact and it said at the beginning at the movie that the movie boys based on true events you can forget the lie that they told at the beginning of this movie then yeah it's pretty good not great I've seen better. Although if you believe what they told you at the beginning of this movie about how it is based on true events then you're more dysfunctional then the movie. I'm sorry if I inadvertently hurt anyone's feeling. But I glad I got to watch it for free because I would never pay to watch a move like this. Who in the hell really always runs around documenting everything video. I just hope part two is better because that I did buy last night & not yet watched it because I'm not home right not. and I digress, I just wanted to give a shout out about how disappointed I was by this movie because at first I wanted to believe I it could be true but after see all of the BS I knew better although it is a better movie then Terminator 5 Terminator 5 really suck big time and I'm really disappointed in Arnold Schwarzenegger by the way that his real name.

  • Shan Ree  says:

    I'm scared

  • blue eyes  says:

    awesome movie

  • Im in hell  says:

    OMG the fucking guy who plays the retard I can't oh fuck so fucking stupid bad acting funny af "im gonna tell mama"xD

  • Im in hell  says:

    black chick is sexy af I would smash🍆😮💦👌

  • QueenDrippy  says:

    I love this damn movie

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