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The Last Light | Full Horror Movie

Horror movies Kings of Horror presents: The Last Light

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Don’t be afraid of the dark. Be afraid of what is in the dark. Local handy man Rob Walker is hired to brick up and block all entrances and windows of a secluded and abandoned mansion along the Irish coast. However as Rob makes his inspections he begins to the feel he’s not alone. Is it local kids playing a practical joke? Or a sinister force that does not wish to be disturbed.

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44 comentarios en Horror movies online The Last Light | Full Horror Movie

  • Sanjay Panja  says:

    Boka choda flim.

  • Slindile Mathonsi  says:

    just wasted my golden watching this

  • Yolly Castro  says:


  • C Productions  says:

    the song in the beginning is a shitty song

  • aspa vazoura  says:

    Nothing particular..Veeeery slow movie..Rather boring I'd say. But all the same , thanks for the upload and the chance to see and comment on it…

  • Tiju Kokkanthara  says:

    When we watch this movie first time very boring

  • Marina Knife  says:

    the corny angst teenage whiny affected off key vocal & pretentious lyrics did me in once it came in again that heavy ham- fisted dull strumming – out of here –

  • batouli Greve  says:

    Ending makes no sense

  • David Sutton  says:


  • Erg Budster  says:

    First thing we learn: they use Mellodyne in Ireland.

  • Erg Budster  says:

    More fun that watching paint dry. Especially if you kick the speed up to 2. Then at leasts it amusing.

  • Hazel Street  says:

    It is a cheap film, did not like it at all.

  • Michael Eugene Morales  says:


  • Francisco Marengo  says:

    The guy go out from the house and is hunted by his ugly woman. Poor man 😂

  • Click to Get  says:

    I think i am going in slow mosion..😂😂

  • Bapi Reddy Daggubati  says:

    The worst worst ……worst movie i have ever seen…..

  • glynna schmehl  says:

    What a fixer upper. Reminds me of when I used to work nightshift.

  • Soumya Behera  says:

    Wastes of time

  • ٱ้ليــَـڪـس ۦ،  says:

    كفو يل طيب

  • ٱ้ليــَـڪـس ۦ،  says:

    كفو يل طيب

  • ロッド眞境名  says:

    watching b movie is like watching minor league hoops, you don't do it unless there's nothing else to watch

  • Lucie B Lindner  says:

    This movie is madd slow and shitty…Truth…BUT, I do like the scenery. Ireland is beautiful!

  • joedilyn quintila  says:

    Ok .. thank you.. not watching

  • Hassan Harb  says:

    I got cringed watching this horror movie 😦


  • Mel M  says:

    Not my kind of movie for me. Low budget movie, sometimes they can be quite good. But this one…..bit lame. It could have been better thought he was maybe able to lift and help the lost souls of the children, because he was quite determined to help the young boy Michael he found he didn't wanted to leave and actually risks his own life.
    Quick story: Handy man, Rob, is hired to brick up an abandoned mansion. (This was actually shot on location, so look for the real deal here!) He is not alone in the old manse. Locked inside, he is forced to deal with the supernatural ghosts in order to survive. But not all who reside in the mansion are ghosts. In order to survive to get back to his wife, who is supposed to be packing for the belated honeymoon, Rob must go through a hellish nightmare and escape those who would keep him forever in the dark, decrepit building.
    Will he survive?

  • Pat Ligonde  says:

    slow but held my attention which is rare with these free movies on here. I thought it was surprisingly creepy

  • ALL IN ONE  says:

    no subtitles

  • Dhinchak Babie  says:


  • Dhinchak Babie  says:

    Awesome movie

  • Chuy NoNarcs4me  says:

    Not bad flick…but that guy ( the lead guy) sure was one dumb ass.

  • Willem H  says:


  • TheSistaWarrior  says:

    I clicked away due to the opening song, sounding like some reject tune from Glee… No thanx

  • Mani Maran  says:

    Very boring movie.. It's very very worst movie…

  • hossein vz  says:

    one of the best scary move

  • Sally anne kolarMoa  says:

    Why if your bloody Americans whos saying this Irish horror films rubbish well nobody making u watch it u bloody Americans if u are Americans watch your won by rubbish horr u or films it's only u bloody Americans who makes good horror films and other films arnt

  • Swapna Reddy  says:

    west movie

  • King Perkins  says:

    At first I thought it was a little too slow, but then the creepy kids showed up and scared the liver outa me ! It was a definite slowburn kinda movie, but I liked it very much, some really good scares and I also thought the music added to the over all creepiness of it- very scary and the next time I watch this kind of movie, I will not be home alone, in my very old and big house !!! You'd think I'd know better by now —— nice job

  • mark relph  says:

    Managed 8 minutes of this Irish shite….fucking garbage.

  • Dynamite DIYs  says:

    Guys, this person went through the trouble of posting this movie, lets be appreciative. But what happened to the women? I skipped ahead to the end so I'm not sure. Can someone tell me please?

  • Michael Lentz  says:

    9:1512:57 Wow that turned ugly fast. Yo buddy, what's with the arm pants

  • Cecilia Andersson  says:

    Why he walked in that house alone with only flashlight & tools when the building is "haunted" but found Michael under the blanket.

  • freds848  says:

    There's an hour and 23 min. that I will never get back, STINKO.

  • Venny Sankhil  says:

    Indian bollywood is better then Hollywood to make horror moveis but please don't watch south Indian horror moveis because south indian make worst horror moveis with overting n useless comedy everyone things that indian can't make horror movies if you don't trust me then you can't watch Indian horror moveis ; 1920 n 1920 in londan and haunted

  • Boah Jangle  says:

    horrible lol never agaijn i could only take 21 mins

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