Horror movies online The House Next Door | Full Horror Movie

Horror movies #KingsOfHorror presents: The House Next Door

A newlywed couple move into their dream home only to find that their next door neighbor isn’t as good natured as they had initially thought.

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46 comentarios en Horror movies online The House Next Door | Full Horror Movie

  • ben codz  says:


  • Teresa Holden  says:

    my kind of movie, thank you for the upload

  • Esther Otega  says:

    But how can you start telling strangers about your wife being violated 😒 that's a really sensitive issue😒

  • G-Max Beats Maker  says:

    i watched this movies because of the comments indeed its a Good Movie

  • Houston bluescene  says:

    that opening blues is badass

  • Jennifer Davidson  says:

    great movie….

  • Nette Busalanan  says:


  • alina m  says:

    10 min into it and BORRRRIIINNNG

  • zzz zz  says:

    oh unfortunately…no subtitle😫😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • keyshia jones  says:

    the white lady next door she was too nosey. I mean I understand she was curious the fact that she lived next door. but even though she was too nosey she finally got the truth. and also I did appreciate her husband keep leaving her to do things. definitely if that's their new place.

  • Emma Mcbride  says:

    I loved it! Very creepy and atmospheric thanks… and no feckin' demons/zombies/"entities". Just your normal average psycho!!!

  • Nyasha Carrington  says:

    What a nice movie but the ending it leaves u in suspense …… To know what next will happen

  • Zamp Magic  says:


  • Filhada Elsa  says:

    Pretty watchable


    Like -TRS-Records

  • Tom Cherney  says:


  • asdf  says:

    45 minutes in and i still dont know what the movie is about

  • Caril Sergio  says:

    I love dis movie n I hate neighbours n yes I do have creep neighbours dis movie makes me scared 2 even stay at home

  • christina lawson  says:

    turned out to be a good movie thanks for sharing

  • Readdy  says:

    This movie reminds me of Hello Neighbor

  • Baby Gurl  says:

    KOH great job uploading this one! loved it!

  • gbot3377  says:

    Good acting, but the fact that it didn't have the slightest twist or turn makes this one a dud. Crazy neighbor you know is the bad guy from start to finish. With the talent of the actors that makes this movie very disappointing.

  • Wanda Powers  says:

    It was a good movie.

  • Mariah Garcia  says:


  • jose sanchez  says:


  • SolidSnake9630  says:

    Interesting movie…

  • Trish Air  says:

    boring movie….

  • William Eamon  says:

    I hope she leaves her pansy husband! "Oh god, guys, I'm so sorry about my fragile little wife. Her mind is broken. Here, let me divulge her most intimate secret so you can wank off to it later! Thanks for the beer, stranger. I'll never doubt you again based on the word of the woman I know and supposedly love!"

  • Danita L  says:

    ok so why did he give her husband a gun???????

  • Plant Based Gigi  says:

    I enjoyed this movie a lot although it was more of a physiological thriller than horror. Thank you for sharing. Peace

  • Christina Rodriguez  says:

    lol I know huh

  • Seegz MahFolkk  says:

    i cannot belive i just watched this whole movie… wtf is wrong with me

  • tiwi gemash  says:

    Great movie. Thank you for upload

  • Micheal Mason  says:

    My favorite thrillers are SAW, When A Stranger Calls, and August Falls.

  • Irish Sean  says:

    The weak husband with his CD player….

  • Pam  says:

    She should have gone with her husband for the second week. Her friend would have understood. I mean, her work is portable. They should also have put the house up for sell.

  • Princess France  says:

    good movie,I enjoyed watching it..thanks!

  • Bhavani Shankar  says:

    easy ending

  • Ursula Martins  says:

    Well, I am just trying to find Get out. Like I was before looking for… Split. And thank God I did not waste the time. What it is happening? No more ideas. 1, 2 3. 4 ,5 ,6 , 7 , yeah. Now, what about a crazy Hell raiser whit zombies etc. I think everyone should have a chance to give their opinion.

  • Ursula Martins  says:

    You moved in… You are thev new people on the block. Yeah, be cordial and THAT IS IT! Just watch your neighbors and LEARN!😑

  • ilolamatafaka  says:

    A stereotypical movie but the actor who plays Karl reeaally knows how to be creepy, so I like to watch it time to time.

  • Lyathiem Haokip  says:

    funny shit

  • TheEvolvedegg  says:

    I hate meddlers…they kinda deserve to die in movies

  • Lexi Taylor  says:

    This isn't a horror

  • deborah madison  says:

    very good movie

  • Lei souza  says:

    I'm brazilian. I'm very proud me because this is first movie I watch totally in English without subtitle. Im very happy. I'm feel amazing. Thank so much for share this movie I appreciated. Many people think that this is easy but for me English is so hard. Thank you😉😊😊😊

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