Horror movies online Terror At Baxter U | Full Horror Movie

Terror At Baxter U | Full Horror Movie

Terror movies Kings of Horror presents: Terror at Baxter U

Someone is terrorizing the students at nearby Baxter U… Someone or something? Two students were found brutally murdered on Baxter U campus. Specifically, Anthro Hall room 213, Professor Moxie’s office. Some students say TAs have been known to use this office to have their way with unsuspecting freshmen. As many as 30 students have come forward admitting to having sex in the published Anthro Professor’s office, some 4 and 5 at a time. A group of anthropology students team up with their professor as their only hope against the evil that dwells in the tunnels under the university!

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9 comentarios en Horror movies online Terror At Baxter U | Full Horror Movie

  • Arvin Kim Atienza  says:


  • Vernon Pratt  says:

    Good movie

  • ludafinful  says:

    "Students are animals Harold" says Mrs Cassandra, i wonder how she became a teacher…exellent movie though

  • Seth Williams  says:


  • Rina syahieb  says:

    Hallllllooo,,,,im coming???!!!

  • akabaker80  says:

    Delightfully bad.

  • Deb mitchell  says:

    hehe, B horror movies are so fun to watch. Thank you for uploading!

  • Leni Leni  says:

    love it

  • Fco Freitas  says:

    muito bom

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