Horror movies online Swamp Zombies | Full Horror Movie

Swamp Zombies | Full Horror Movie

Horror movies Kings of Horror presents: Swamp Zombies

A chief physician at a large metropolitan hospital is formulating a serum to resurrect recently deceased patients. When his facility comes under inspection from the federal government, the doctor is forced to dispose of the patients as quick as possible even though they are in mid-experiment and he doesn’t know if his serum will even work. With the help of the evil hospital operations manager, he manages to ditch the experiments in the neighboring swamplands. Little do they know, their serum works, the test subjects rise to life once again and reek havoc on a group of students conducting science experiments at the swamplands. With the help of a swamp hermit, a beautiful innocent bystander, a park ranger and the police captain they try to piece together what has gone on and stay alive!

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26 comentarios en Horror movies online Swamp Zombies | Full Horror Movie

  • Kelly Davies  says:

    i lve kings of horror but really why do all cheap made horros watch more like a lame porno

  • Ernest Cheong Kam Theem  says:

    Ya, the most stinking part is their pussy where all the hair is, all the bacteria is there…why no pussy hair in all the shower scene…I tired with all the boob & tits,,

  • Dark Soul  says:

    The GREAT Len Kabasinki! My favorite film of his💚

  • matt Carolan  says:

    You Never know these people could be the future Ron Howard in the making, good luck to them.

  • matt Carolan  says:

    That wasn't bad really,  thank you.

  • Fleur Humfrey  says:

    made with a 20.00 budget

  • kabasinski Len  says:

    http://www.patreon.com/killerwolffilms 🙂

  • Alexander Setya  says:

    bukannya seren tapi lucu dan lebay hhhhh

  • Roger Petritty  says:

    como podem fazer essa porcaria nada a mais a comentar deveriao se envergonhar disso nao estou falando pra ofender quem fez so achei pessimo compriende

  • Farook Shaikh nice  says:

    wonderfool movie

  • Rodiganschmidt  says:

    go to 28:54 for boobs, dont bother with the rest of the movie. apparently whoever filmed this doesnt own a tripod

  • Roger Balcer  says:

    Camera…Action and for Cripe Sakes someone who knows how to act, direct and produce a real movie ! A total waste of 12 minutes of my life !

  • Chavo Guerrero  says:


  • Moeen Ali  says:

    good movie

  • Mixey Boy  says:

    Phelous brought me here

  • Nelson Aperson  says:

    The dead are watching me Perhaps this was all meant to be…

  • Mr Doge  says:


  • Makura  says:

    Anyone here cause of redlettermedia?

  • Jason Morgan  says:

    No matter how the movie was that brunette in the shower was amazing. very beautiful.

  • Mahde Kanem  says:

    هاذة هم فلم كلة دم

  • robert 4  says:

    It had it's moments, but it needed a lot of editing. Many scenes could have been cut shorter. You don't need to show a car driving down a road coming to a stop, or people walking around, or unneeded conversations. I think they could have cut 15 minutes of stuff. The movie would have run better. One scene was filmed in black and black too. It went on for 5 minutes. It needed to be really trimmed. 2 hours and one minute was too much for this film. I liked the film though.

  • dendi gaming  says:

    this is a real movie

  • Mark Robo  says:

    I wanna hear the teacher say drugs are bad mmmk

  • Mike Brewer  says:

    i cannot believe they make movies this bad

  • Mr Mar3o  says:

    الجوده ابووو كلب

  • pathdaly  says:

    Quite easily the worst "movie" I've watched this week.

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