Horror movies online Storm of the Dead | Full Horror Movie

Storm of the Dead | Full Horror Movie

Terror movies Kings of Horror presents: Storm of the Dead

When the Florida Panhandle is hit by a “Category 5″ hurricane, the President of the United States has no choice but to reactivate the Florida Militia to restore order in the region. In their quest to restore stability to an unstable area, the Militia is ordered to ‘shoot looters’. When one of the looters tracked down and shot is the grandson of a Voodoo Queen, all hell breaks loose as she seeks revenge on the Militia.

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28 comentarios en Horror movies online Storm of the Dead | Full Horror Movie

  • Dr. Lammie Nguyen  says:

    roflmao, sorry…i cant stop laughing 12 mins is all i can handle…thanks for uploading tho…lol

  • Sidney Curry  says:

    It takes a special skill to make a movie this stupid. I was laughing at how bad this was. But I still want to thank KOH for uploading these movies.

  • Norma Perez  says:

    Stupid fucking movie

  • Adem Ahmed Mezdad  says:

    stupid and not original

  • Lucian and Snowbell  says:

    worst movie I've ever seen 🙁

  • Leonard Urban  says:

    So, does this mean she WASN'T a natural blonde?

  • Ronald Dunne  says:

    Fingers on triggers? Could be that they are expecting immanent action and skeered- in VN some of the men removed the trigger guards on their m16 rifles so as to be accessed faster. Or it could just be Hollywood movie…

  • Edward Banks  says:

    What about the woman what kind of walk is that.

  • David J  says:

    that is one thyck voodoo woman

  • Holly Cheel  says:

    The plot MIGHT have made a go of things… IF the acting wasn't wooden, script uninspired and so many details unbelievable. I suspect a better director may have saved this film but……

  • Momo Yang  says:

    Lol oh man… I'm barely ten minutes in and…. LOL… I see EVERYONE is wondering ytf their guns are being held in that fashion… They can't even walk properly and they're brandishing rifles..(their fingers aren't on the triggers but placed the way police and military are trained… The ONLY realistic aspect lol)… They're running in the open, NOT securing a suspect BEFORE they do ANYTHING so as to obviously NOT get hurt… This isn't even a B movie…. More like F…. Straight up tho, this film was made in modern times but produced, directed, written, scored, filmed and acted the way films were done in the 70's & 80's…. For example, there's an obvious lack of research done as well as a lack of proper consulting from the army, weapons manufacturers, and acting professionals… Like a teenager's first attempt at filmmaking for REAL…. Screams archetypal 80's horror, from dialog to the typical 80's Italian goombah tough guy to the bubbly, blond protagonist who so happens to be a reporter who's also eyeing the tough, silent hero male protagonist and their subpar acting…
    I'm sorry I'm bashing the shit outta this film… But i applaud the balls to do it… And to FUND it…i will say that if THIS is what the filmmakers wanna do, if this is their life pursuit, than stay at it, get better… Even the John Carpenters and Sam Raimis of the world had to grow… You guys have already hurdled the biggest hurdle already: funding (hard af…. Big props)…
    And if ur aim was to spoof the B movies of earlier eras than disregard my rambling (you probably did) and….uhhh…. good job?

  • Athma Nyana Alayam ANA  says:

    have insomnia. this movie puts you to źzzzzzzz instantly

  • WhirledPeasFursure  says:

    omg, stinko… thanks anyway..

  • jean-charles carré  says:

    What a very beautiful piece of s….. !!!!!! Beuuuuuuuaaarrrrhh

  • ART lover  says:

    kings of horror suck my dick ur all movies on YouTube are worthless wast e of time waste of data why don't u fuck urself

  • Alice may Obliteratix  says:

    This was just horrible

  • Vickey waldo  says:

    Stupid, Stupid, movie don't wast your time.

  • Mark Stuart  says:

    at 1-10-45 the little wimp got it LOL

  • Peter Burnett  says:

    cheesy garbage

  • Roger Balcer  says:

    Ten minutes from the end and one zombie. What a crock !

  • SAM iam  says:

    glad I checked the comments first before watching!
    especially since in the first 3 seconds, you see the "weather man" holding a little kids giant play microphone. Guess they tried keeping costs on the down low. lol

  • Gloria Bruce  says:

    reviews not promising ill let you know

  • Cinta Maniz  says:

    boring too much 😫😣..no talking no fighting

  • Dave Carves Wood  says:

    Maybe change the plot if you can't get real army uniforms

  • Danielle Blaza  says:

    not good movie

  • james arterburn  says:

    can barely hear them speak..

  • Baskerville22  says:

    Stilted dialogue……..and too many improbables in just first 12 minutes. Lost interest.

  • Adam Watson  says:

    I thought some of the themes were interesting even if the feature itself left a lot to be desired.. The director did a review on imdb vehemently defending it lol

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