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Everything has been done.” ROCKY HORROR, the budding college filmmaker, has his work rejected again. His films are missing that one creative spark that could lead him to becoming the next Hollywood elite director. ROCKY has no other recourse – he MUST take filmmaking to a whole new level, or perish. Enter the School of Horror. ROCKY leads his small troop of fellow filmmaking classmates out on a night on the town, including new roommate JACK TERRI. Their journey leads them to DOREY’S TAVERN, unaware that the cannibalistic savage spirit, the GREAT CHINO, terrorizes this hole in the wall bar every seven years. And tonight, the GREAT CHINO has returned, hungry for flesh. As the creature unleashes its terror on the group and the drama unfolds, Rocky embraces the horror of his situation and sets out to record every live moment on camera. ROCKY uses his overbearing personality and methods of coercion to force the others into perilous situations in order to satisfy his hunger for capturing carnage on tape. Only JACK TERRI stands in his way, struggling to keep ROCKY’S insane, obsessive quest for filmmaking infamy from destroying them all.

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34 comentarios en Horror movies online School of Horror | Full Horror Movie

  • TJ  says:

    Wait in the bar until morning. You had one job….

  • Tiffany Banks  says:

    I'm out

  • mark mouse  says:

    What am I watching🤣

  • New Horizons  says:


  • Mrinal Goswami  says:

    stupied movie

  • Terry-ann Robertson  says:

    This Movie is shit…

  • Charles Washburn Jr.  says:

    Low Budget awesome movie…..Why was everyone listening to Rocky? lol

  • William Arrington Jr.  says:

    STAY IN SCHOOL ????????

  • Tiffany Banks  says:

    this a good movie STUPID but FUNNY

  • Tiffany Banks  says:

    does this movie really suck

  • esther v  says:

    nice story. don't play fast when you are not smart hahaha 😀

  • Danana J  says:

    Not enough T&A… Sarah should've given it up

  • sharmaine vasit  says:

    This movie is full of crap…!!!

  • L Mack  says:

    "My story was so weird that nobody would believe me, so I decided not to show them the video proof."
    Now THAT's brilliant writing. hahahaha!!

  • Dan Varga  says:

    crazy movie. i loved it. thanx for sharing

  • Lies Cupliz  says:

    ksih bhs indo nya donk.?

  • Little Girl  says:


  • sandro sandro  says:


  • Sapna Joshi  says:


  • Texrøy Juniør Seniør  says:

    4:42 is so funny…his friend got hit by a car and he wants to film his death? lol 😛

  • david smith  says:

    fuck you

  • vlebe38  says:

    Was ok

  • Sakeyia Watson  says:

    boaring asf

  • Mohammad Zahid  says:

    horror what the f…… is tha

  • Marsha H  says:

    Any movie which starts off with someone being tortured is not, in my book, a horror movie.

  • Satonya Hudson  says:

    stupid n boring movies,so not a horror flic

  • Shirley Jean Pilger  says:

    This is NOT an original idea, movie , story, book. It has been done to death. The thing that comes out of the woods and eats people I saw in the 80's and the crazy producer/directer was from the 1920's silent era. The acting stunk, too. Sorry guys, this one is a two thumbs down.

  • Melissa Coludrovich  says:

    Well I haven't seen it yet. I let y'all know if this good or bad

  • TheGuyInThe Movie  says:

    Dude. I played one of the main roles in this movie. I've never watched it before now. I was too embarrassed. I'm not finished it yet, but all I have to say so far is WOW. Sure was a lot of fun to make, though!

  • Neon Kats  says:

    aggh this is so scary ( NOT )

  • Xanthe Peña  says:

    horible movie

  • Ryan Khan  says:

    fuck this piss of shit,it ain't even worth watchin I'm out though.

  • Lili wolfie Magic blue  says:

    I ador

  • Madoka  says:

    western horror is so boring

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