Horror movies online Ridge War Z | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

Ridge War Z | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

Horror movies Kings of Horror presents: Ridge War Z

Three years have passed since the zombie war had been won but for the veterans who fought in that terrible conflict, their memories and pain won’t let them forget. Now the only three surviving veterans of the most brutal battle of the entire war (Gory Ridge) return to recount their horrific experiences to an author who intends to write a book so that the world may better understand the sacrifice of the American infantryman during the great zombie war. It is a story of horror, honor, sacrifice, and brotherhood. This is war, scars and all.

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21 comentarios en Horror movies online Ridge War Z | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

  • Tyrone Robinson  says:

    I enjoyed it

  • mrob75  says:

    good movie …((but))…that horrible narration / narrator was really annoying…really bad….Would have been the perfect movie without him.

  • Richard DeLeon  says:

    Wow just finished watching this movie, it wasn't anything like what I was anticipating and this movie was great,,, it's real as real as I can think it would be. because I was not a "ground" force I was in a submarine nuclear powered submarine underwater with air condition, we were fed well, but this movie! I'll be watching again with no distractions and war is not pretty at all. over the years I've experience life and i now have a new point of view, different opinions and attitude toward 'all that goes on' I'm 57 now in San Antonio Texas. I salute you my fellow veterans.!

  • Nobody But me  says:

    Just enjoy its free!!

  • MrKhinG :3  says:

    Why the hell they shoot scenes where the cam is against the light? So uncomfortable to watch.

  • ro0o7 Alroo7  says:

    راحت ساعة وثلاث دقايق وسبعة واربعين ثانية من عمري خسارة والباقي لاجديد مواجهات عادية ملل في ملل لكن الفيلم يحتوي ع حكمة بالنهاية واحداث ملهمة يمكن غيري يحب هالنوعية من الافلام

  • absolutely flawless  says:

    Hope u all enjoyed the house of horror by kings of horror

  • Day Mal  says:

    Lets play a fun game called: "Guess The Budget"
    I'll start, based on the quality all around, $100 max.

  • Sebastian U.  says:

    This moment when you realize (if you read the book, ofcourse…) how "World war Z" could and should be… Just imagine events such as Battle of Yonkers made this way. And that movie NOT based on book is more accurate than movie based on this book.

    I was sceptic when started to watch but… You made proof that zombie movie without (barely) hordes of stupid, running zombies and mindless gore action still can be better than those with million times higher budget craps. Great job guys! 10/10.

  • Mark Hudson  says:

    Pretty darned good for what it was

  • Haroon Raja  says:

    nice movie

  • Cypher Viper X  says:

    My Bad But It Sucks.

  • COCA COLA  says:

    phim như cái con cặc, zị mà cũng có mấy thằng mỹ óc cho khen hay

  • Gone Ghost  says:

    It should be called Ridge War Zzzzzzzzzzz. Total snoozefest.

  • dk  says:

    nice movie

  • Gustavo Encarnaçao  says:

    zombie movie whithout…. zombies? bulshit, good audio thou

  • Thomas Centineo  says:

    Great movie to fall asleep to.

  • Kareem IRBY  says:

    25 minutes into the movie and it's a snooze. hope it gets better

  • Joseph Demis  says:


  • Rafael Martin  says:

    horror movies

  • matt Carolan  says:

    What a powerful movie  well done.

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