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The final night’s work approaches for the staff of an insane asylum. A minimal crew of security and researchers remain to ensure the patients behave as expected before their transfers to a maximum security prison. Struggling with memories of abandonment, Dr. Helen Kingford finds herself on the brink of quitting her job as a psychologist. Following his forced retirement, the hospital’s head of security decides on a destabilizing course of action leading to chaos and destruction within the asylum. In the confusion, all of the dangerous patients escape their padded cells. Confused, Dr. Kingford awakens finding herself tied up in the hospital morgue. Not knowing who to trust, she finds herself running from everyone in an attempt to survive.

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36 comentarios en Horror movies online Psychotic | Full Horror Movie

  • hater  says:

    this movie is hillarious.

  • Angie Dawn Poindexter  says:

    Honestly I did like the movie, but there are certain things that could of been done differently to make it better. Like, the trash bin keeping the psycho cannibal out of the room, or the guard helping her not untying her hands and the kiss on the stairs, what was that about?! Anyway, it kept me watching for what was going to happen next. Love kings of horror, always have and always will…keep em coming! 😘👍

  • Monica Liss  says:

    did anyone notice at minute 1.16 . the word spell (muscial) not musical 😂😂

  • VampireSlayer10210  says:

    I love this! Charisma Carpenter is one of my favorite actresses!❤️

  • faizaan malik  says:

    not bad

  • Han N  says:

    I have met someone, rude,doesn't really respect women, but at the same time part of me, still got a feeling that the guy has some kind of psychological disorder.

  • Diane Williams  says:

    This movie was disappointing, everybody operating in a schizophrenia mode, the psychologist wasnt a psych, she was just as nuts as the rest of them who got the upper hand on her. She was in the wrong line of work.

  • REESE  says:

    Yea this movie just didn't do it for me

  • serpentinecreature  says:

    This was a very good movie. Thank you. Refreshing ! LET'S you think and use your rationale.

  • imaynaya imay  says:

    JAJAJAJA this movie is a JOKE

  • Joseph Fragosa  says:

    not bad.

  • food critic  says:

    fucking crap

  • Stephan Gordon  says:

    this actually was a good movie

  • Wilma Gregory  says:

    it was a good clean movie thanks

  • kotonagano  says:

    Thanks for posting!

  • Jason Mcneil  says:

    what tha fuck is that kissing shit about

  • frank morrill  says:

    good movie

  • Ms Smith  says:

    Love Asylum movies. The comments go both ways so I decided to give er a go. Good movie. Not foul, no nudity or really explicit language (for a thriller). Not scary at all but very busy. Keeps you guessing at what actually is happening. It could have been a little more detailed in a few areas but overall a good movie. I would give it 7/10.

  • koos boshoff  says:

    I absolutely ADORE your movies Kings of Horror as im a big horror fan. Please keep them coming. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  • Amaiya Boodhna  says:

    i dont like this movie

  • larry lomascolo  says:

    poor acting shit movie

  • Alan Marques  says:

    are these movies american or british indies movies?

  • sweety gal  says:

    this is sooo badly done

  • Jennifer Christensen  says:

    Good film. Thanks.

  • dianne aquino  says:

    Thank you for kings because i loved hororr movies

  • Emma Anne  says:

    For all of the people commenting on how terrible this movie is, give it a chance. It is super entertaining and a great movie, had I listened to the reviews in the comments I would have missed a great movie. Good job Kings and keep it coming 👌👍

  • holyeaster  says:

    I didn't get the ending. Can someone explain. Spoiler Alert. What was that injection for?

  • Michille Navales  says:

    the doctor is stupid ohh I hate the way she act.

  • Dave Hak  says:

    Thomas, you sick fuck!

  • Marla Clark  says:

    Thank you for sharing a good clean movie free from sex and nudity! It was even better for it!!!

  • queen Shadow  says:

    I enjoyed the movie

  • Monica Harrold  says:

    I liked this movie. sad ending

  • judy Osborne  says:

    Very good movie. Scary good!

  • Namayanja Harriet  says:

    Thanks i really love your movies

  • Jessie Diaz  says:

    Thanks for your nice upload 😍

  • Jessie Diaz  says:

    I don't like the ending 😔

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