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Horror movies #KingsOfHorror presents: Kingdom Come

A group of strangers who wake up in what appears to be an abandoned building, unable to remember how they got there, find themselves haunted by strange visions and are forced to face all the wrongs they have done in their lives.

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48 comentarios en Horror movies online Kingdom Come | Full Horror Movie

  • J T  says:

    I don't agree that the girl who killed the pedophile should have died. She did everybody a favor by killing him! And before anybody say she killed, so she sinned and deserves it, .. blah blah blah…. Like I said she did the right thing and if you're too chicken shit to do what needs to be done then fine, but don't blame her because she did not sin!

  • Nakia Howard  says:

    I Love Constantine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donna Gorton  says:

    REALLY good!

  • Jesus Christ  says:

    The guy with cross just slapped the demon

  • Jennifer Schultz  says:

    This is an awesome movie, This is my 3rd time watching this in awhile. Love it!!. 🙂

  • Andre' Hernandez  says:

    Not bad!

  • ragnarmiami  says:

    I heard about this movie on facebook in the horror movies forever group. 👍🏻. Everybody is a sinner.

  • John Cline  says:

    good one thanks

  • Truth Hurts  says:

    Everything you want in a Horror/Suspense movie. 5 stars out of 5.

  • Carlos Johnson  says:

    fuck that was a good movie

  • Vitae Infurnum  says:

    I think the guy in the suit is satan

  • David Jorgensen  says:

    Good one!!……….

  • Sujeiri Burgado  says:

    great movie..it made me think about the 4 abortion i had and i already ask god to forgive me ..and he blessed me with my son michael.thank you lord for forgiving me in jesus name amen

  • Cynthia Nwachukwu  says:

    How sick of that guy to rape that little girl

  • Desert Bloomz  says:

    All good till the end LoL thats messed up

  • Rykota Banehoof  says:

    I generally don't like Monotheistic based movies, nor do I believe in this sort of thing…. BUT…. I actually really liked this movie. One of the better ones I've seen for Heaven vs Hell redemption.

  • Thomas Joel Mendoza  says:

    Its a great reminder of how our past can haunt us. Thank you for the reminder. blessed be. Well written and played out.

  • deborah madison  says:

    awesome the devil reminded of roddy mcdowell

  • Smith & Bowman Enterprises  says:

    Another dumb ass B rated movie!!!!

  • Jah Shabazz  says:


  • Floyd Brown  says:

    excellent film thank you very much for uploading this!

  • Stelly Chisolm  says:

    Absolutely one of the best movies I've seen on Y T !

  • Bob Kerbs  says:

    If I had to face all of my wrongs, I'd be in trouble. Big trouble.

  • Theophany  says:

    "gonna be a bumpy ride" – I think because as long as you are alive the devil will not give up trying to suck you in. Sam is gonna have to work through a lot of guilt too.

  • Brian Bauer  says:

    thanks for uploading. I enjoyed it

  • TN Hernandez  says:

    good movie

  • Lenola Barker  says:

    I hate movies with kids.

  • Art Hughes  says:


  • Damien McNally  says:

    Thx great movie.

  • miss. Bae  says:


  • Tango Forte  says:


  • MN Irwin  says:

    Well, that ending was pretty horrific … :O

    EXCELLENT movie, though. I've been flipping back and forth through a variety of "horror" movies over the past few days and most were beyond gawdawful. This was superb.

  • Mark Thomas  says:

    Great Movie!!! Truly enjoyed it!!!

  • Nishan Koirala - W G Davis Sr PS (1573)  says:

    First I was scared after I like at

  • belair57 lowriders  says:

    well, I didn't understand the ending when he was put in the ambulance and the demon
    was the driver?? Can anyone explain that one???

  • Chance St.Thomas  says:

    26:40 Na'Deer watches wayyy too many Horror flicks! Up here tryna scare everybody. 43:07 LOL "You're going towards the screaming?"

  • J Pellster  says:

    Definitely one of the best flicks that have been on here in quite a long time!!  Highly recommend watching this movie.

  • Bradley Suarez  says:

    What a gr8 flick!!!!

  • The Green Lantern 007  says:

    Keep making movies like this.

  • Walsile Jackson  says:

    walsile like!!!!!

  • Play List  says:


  • Estrella Solis  says:

    I love this movie it is horror/action for me and I love those kind of movies

  • Kim H  says:

    i want to see train to busan 2 anyone know if thats out or real

  • James Barela  says:

    I watched this movie based on the comments here, and i gotta tell you, this movie wasnt that great, but maybe its because im not into these "mythical creature" type movies.

  • 800rider1  says:

    Nicely done

  • C.S. Ecton  says:

    This would make an awesome survival horror game 😀

  • Tim Huvane  says:

    Sammy, Jess, demons, the devil hmm sounds like a episode of Supernatural.

  • Tim Huvane  says:


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