Horror movies online In The Dark | Full Horror Movie

In The  Dark | Full Horror Movie

Terror movies Kings of Horror presents: In The Dark

Three men spend the night in a haunted house to face the malevolent ghost that drove their brothers to suicide…and they end up exploring the darkest corners of their own minds.

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37 comentarios en Horror movies online In The Dark | Full Horror Movie

  • BoyLostInDark  says:

    Boring as fu*k with worst acting I saw,

  • dan oliver  says:

    Don't ya just love what you can do with ketchup?

  • dan oliver  says:

    kids making home movies. That's all this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leola Coleman  says:

    That was a really good movie thanks. Well until next time Goodnight and Sweet Dreams… ~ L. ~

  • Jean Ellis  says:

    Silly, yet they tried scored C-

  • Chris Strobel  says:


  • Terry-ann Robertson  says:

    Thanks for uploading..

  • Yuan Suk Chun  says:

    I liked the movie and I watched on tuesday . 1/8/2017

  • Donna Gorton  says:

    Not bad!

  • Cheryl Tokash  says:

    Great story!! I have to admit I really liked it!!! Good job, the acting wasn't that good, but it holds your interest.

  • plevanger  says:

    I loved this movie. No special effects needed for the dread pins & needles. Was shocked to find out just how low budget this movie is!!!!! Good job guys, make another


    Kings of Horror are the best I pray you guys make to the big screen I will sure be there for every horror movie great job keep doing big things your on your way

  • mellen jordan  says:

    loved this…got to know the house…the guys..the back story…really nice how the story unfolded and it was creepy good.!!

  • trace rue  says:

    Kings of horror another good one ty

  • Gina Tognetti  says:

    weird story…horrible acting…and yet…I can't look away..lol

  • Phiri Miriam  says:

    better movie

  • Little Dorrit__Lisa  says:

    Well done fellas….these kinds of films are what I refer to as "little movies"…liked it a whole bunch 😊

  • Expiration Date  says:

    I liked the dif twist of handling a situation like that! The story line was cleverly different as well! It was a bit over acted by the dark haired guy but, it did not detract at all. Kind of gave it a little bit of that B movie feel. However, expecting a total B movie, I was extremely surprised by It! I have watched prob a million movies by now and I have to say, this was a really good movie! Totally enjoyed it! I especially love films that are low budget and deliver that million dollar feel! Thanks!

  • Brisia Power  says:

    I love all of kings of horror movies. Come on now this movies are free . There's no reason for all those bad comments. If you don't like the movie than don't watch it.We are adults so it's time to act like it.
    Thanks KINGS OF HORROR for all the time you spend to upload all this free movies.

  • Don Chamberlain  says:

    Kind of slow, but not bad.
    What if the shadow people are in ourselves, or alluded to by Art Bell…. Food for thought.

  • gerard max  says:

    What is the song when they hear music and think it is coming from the attic?

  • edward plungepool  says:

    man dis is bullshit

  • Donald Jaggers Jr  says:

    That was a good horror suspense movie.

  • Tenor Hawk  says:

    liar watch the movie

  • Scott Rainville  says:

    I really liked this movie. It had a good story and characters. It reminded me of a low (or lower budget) Legend of Hell House, the one from the seventies. I love a good horror movie or slasher flick as much as the next guy but this movie was really good based on story and characters alone. Thank you for making this movie available.

  • Peter Burnett  says:

    horrid acting.

  • fofo al-abdullah  says:

    It's really good story

  • Ab-Dhul Alif Qadr Muhammad  says:

    This is a good movie. What I gather the meaning or purpose of this movie revolves around who you are and what you are ultimately striving or reaching toward as a goal. The house brings your intentions, as hidden in the subconsciousness as they may be, to the surface of your consciousness.

  • Wesley Alexander  says:

    This movie should be flushed because it was a big fat stinking TURD!

  • Damien McNally  says:

    Good Movie!

  • Himanshu Saluja  says:

    After watching this movie, I have realised that movie making is not a big deal, all you have to do is find 3. Stupid men, a haunted house and play stupid music in the background.
    Wtf, how could you make a horror movie without having girls in it??

  • Toni Hughes  says:

    Shadow people are real!

  • Toni Hughes  says:

    get the hell out!

  • Nina K.  says:

    12:28" my god this movie is SLOW!!!!! almost 15" in and nothing's happening, literally nothing!! Just 3 dudes talking, smoking, chilling….. boring….. I'll give it another 15 minutes and if nothing happens I'm moving on to another movie. Also I don't understand why they're still in the house, they're not doing anything, so why stay in a house where their brothers died in??? They're not packing or anything. Oh my god even those guys voices sound like it's not them talking but someone else, like a voice over. All they do is drink and smoke pot and then they wonder why they hear or see weird stuff loool They're so dumb, they're doing the same thing their brothers died from and they still go for it instead of just leaving. Stupid people lol And the guy with his knife hahahaha he thinks he's gonna kill a ghost with a knife?? Hahahaha. With much better actors, sounds, and directing, this movie could have been great.

  • Nina K.  says:

    Bad acting!

  • MN Irwin  says:

    Okay, this one's actually reasonably creepy, although I am solidly behind the guy who keeps saying "LET'S GET OUTTA HERE!!"

    The minimal background music helps. The silence in which most of the dialogue takes place really enhances the "Jeez, this is REALLY CREEPING ME OUT" factor.

    When the one guy was talking about how the 'dark force' drags out the worst thoughts he's ever had, I wanted to scream "It's a Dementor! Get some chocolate!!" 😀

  • marina cavanagh  says:

    shadow figures are real we had
    an evil one in our house and had to get two priests in to force it out it was terrifying and i stayed with friends for. months then got my own flat leaving me VB mam sister brother on their own

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