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Horror movies Kings of Horror presents: Hayride

Steven Summers returns home to southern Alabama from college with his girlfriend Amanda to attend his uncle’s annual Haunted Hayride. Unaware that an escaped killer is on the loose, Steven will soon face the real life embodiment of PITCHFORK, a character his uncle created for the Hayride and Steven’s childhood tormentor. Steven will soon realize that not all childhood fears are imagined when the legend of Pitchfork suddenly becomes dangerously real…

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33 comentarios en Horror movies online Hayride | Full Horror Movie

  • rebecca seppanen  says:

    Wasteful, wasteful Americans. We Australians use proper plates and glasses. You don't wash your eating and drinking utensils and pollute the world. Absolutely wasteful and disgusting. Just like the way most of your food has a tonne of sugar in it, gross.

  • rozozzy  says:

    I saw that burlap hood in THE STRANGERS!!lol

  • inder Heer  says:


  • Rainy maan  says:

    someone loses me 93 mint plzz

  • zied zied  says:


  • Appleshyn Reactions  says:

    About at 40 minutes i realited who is the pshycos daughter

  • Brian Boukas  says:

    Jeremy Ivy (Steven) reminds me of a young Barry Pepper.

  • Norris Bennett  says:

    Great video

  • Brainhorn  says:

    Wow this is bad acting lol. Not that I could do any better.

  • Davinatt Baker  says:

    Me too

  • jin gi  says:

    play all the stupid thing at night ….

  • David Eddy  says:

    +Kings of Horror, I love this movie and others you have on your channel.  I just wondered if you would upload the sequel to this.

  • Gorbadoc Oldbuck  says:

    At the 30 minute mark, I've had enough. Sorry. Bored out of my mind.

  • Daniel Brady  says:

    Low budget crappy movie

  • kalyan chakravarthy muvvala  says:

    It's true,these are all b grade movie stuff but Gud timepassers…like documentaries…popcorn movies at the edge of the seat movie stuff…wasting time…if ur free..,it's Gud to watch them timepassers go by…

  • kalyan chakravarthy muvvala  says:

    Can anyone upload the rite movie of Antony Hopkins plz…it's awesome….

  • Shyam Sen  says:

    Super horror movie… 👍

  • julie Amorra  says:

    I like the kings of horror movie

  • mann cuzz  says:

    lame u caint even see em get hit with the weapon

  • Rolanda Sims  says:

    PakistanKhan; English muthafucka! & have your doc prescribe zanax for your condition!..idiot.

  • QCA Blaster  says:

    I watched this movie like 4 time already but this movie is legit

  • QCA Blaster  says:

    That fat ass is going to be hard to kill enemy's never die

  • QCA Blaster  says:

    King horror is a great movie

  • QCA Blaster  says:

    This is a badass movie this is the real!! Actual movie I love it hopefully the new movie comes out?

  • ezyreap  says:

    see that? pigs playing in the mud 00:40 hahahahahahhahaa

  • G Fernandez  says:

    We love mo

  • Hassan Ahmadi  says:

    i don't want to go where the afghan are

  • Simply Beautiful On a Budget  says:

    may be low budget but proud of my baby cousin Joshua Nelson for playing a part in it. the guy by the campfire gray shirt red sleeves drinking a beer. 💞💙💞

  • Simply Beautiful On a Budget  says:

    may be low budget but proud of my baby cousin Joshua Nelson for playing a part in it. the guy by the campfire gray shirt red sleeves drinking a beer. 💞💙💞

  • sweety gal  says:

    bad bad acting

  • Dylan Media  says:

    Why do they not get payed for this shit it is awesome love it sooo much like please message me back it you can I make amateur movies myself and I got good ideas

  • Salick Ravind  says:

    i really love king of horros

  • Nenita Dangue  says:

    nice movie..i like horror movies

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