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Sticky and hot from the long drive to visit a relative at their newly acquired, remote, rural farmhouse, Sam and Jason, a young couple on vacation, decide to swim in a pond they find at the end of a freshly cut path. While swimming, Jason is bitten by a strange leech-like organism. When he attempts to remove the creature, part of it rips off and crawls inside his leg. Back at the house, Sam’s sister and her family have yet to return. As time progresses, the injury on Jason’s leg worsens into a rapidly spreading infection, and strange clues begin to reveal that there may be more to their host’s absence than it previously appeared. It soon becomes a race against time to discover what happened to Sam’s sister and her family and what lies in store for Jason, faced with his physical and emotional disintegration.

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43 comentarios en Horror movies online From Beneath | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

  • Dominic Abbs  says:

    this movie was boring

  • Irene Solidakis  says:

    Very very bad film no acting one of the worse I have seen 😤

  • Biswajit mazumder  says:

    gosh….i just couldn't watch it after 38 mins….worst horseshit movie ever…..only part of movie that i was worth watching waswhen the chick stripped to her bras

  • Estella Arroyo  says:

    thank you creepy crawlies.

  • huhuhaha  says:

    Howd it get into the skin? There was no point of entry. They trying to be the ruins kinda

  • huhuhaha  says:

    If I stumble upon something like that I wouldn't go in just cause there might be gatorscrocs or dirty water lol

  • asianwweblissfan  says:

    That water looked clean lol

  • Kin Montañez  says:

    Omg u guys better for porn not in the horror movie….I watch 10 mints theres no exciting…this is not a horror movie it's funny movie.sorry down loader and please stop down load a boring horror movies.

  • Hugh Jaanus  says:

    Just read the comments. Bye bye.

  • The best bodybuilder  says:

    o o ho

  • Shamekia Robinson  says:

    i loved this movie

  • Jessica Sigmon  says:

    And this !… Is what it is like being in a relationship WITH a GUY!…PUSSIES

  • Ideas My style  says:

    worms inside his leg and they don't see a doc

  • Tanya Galitan  says:

    I didn't care for this flic. Some of the other movies were good though. Thxs for sharing

  • Rena Borres  says:

    What a boring cast and acting😧

  • Kenneth Flores  says:

    Ok if this became a movie I have a career in making movies lol and yes someone said the acting was horrible yes sir I agree

  • sayita07  says:

    The acting is just so pathetic

  • jeremiah woody  says:

    it's the blood and the gore WOW.

  • Mohammed Madani  says:

    this movie is sick

  • Ellen Williams  says:

    this move is not scary, it looks like a home made movie,

  • Mark H  says:

    Only made it to 1:32

  • siros siros  says:


  • Pumen Klenov  says:

    Yeah, for the past two days I finally get to see a nice made horror film where you can actually see what is going on all of the time, without having to pass through total darkness where most of the time you can't see the action. And a nice theme and scripts with fair role play. And they still managed to preserve this classic horror film ending style. It was totally well spent time watching it. Thank you for the upload!

  • Tracey Parker  says:

    total crap from the past lol

  • Philippe Agustin  says:

    kings of horror, thanks but the movie lacks thrills and the characters are weak and no initiatives…but i finished it, skipping dead scenes…


    bullshtttt napaka bored ba ani yawa

  • Mike Lang  says:

    Pretty roapy horror film' badly acted and poor script.

  • Valentin Koscheyev  says:

    This was somebody's "Cinema 101"project, created by and starring kids from the short bus – right. Poor characters. Bad script – story-line dragged. Characters were unlikable due to dragging dialogue. No depth. It actually had some good sub-dermal special effects – so very much potential. It was like a visual dry-heave . . . wanting and wishing for everything bad just to come up and get over with – but it just kept going on. —————————————–SKIP THIS FILM.

  • Vick Cute  says:

    i always watch your channel pretty cool

  • Jim Frog  says:

    kings of horror…great graphics and music! i hope to be blessed to watch more of your flicks. keep up the great work…..ghost runner

  • Cicso Rodriguez  says:

    its ok

  • Annemarie Gordon  says:

    new this one is realy good horror

  • Cantika Rahayu  says:

    I tried to watching

  • Sakeria Dixon  says:

    Why didn't they just get in the car and take him to the hospital stupid movie

  • Cuddly Kitty  says:

    we''re in a dead zone… a ha ha a ha…zzzzz
    I want in? that door? wuh.

  • Cuddly Kitty  says:

    I wouldn't set a single little toe in that pond. Leeches slime…bleh

  • James Phillips  says:

    this channel is garbage, upload popular horrors not your own no one can act clearly you are broke ass paupers get a job. blocking this channel

  • roachndacukyjar2  says:

    on the floor in the fetal position…..crying why why did you take my time give it back too me…..I I I don't know where to start complaining

  • Irene e. Cruz  says:

    mga tanga man

  • Carol Garwood  says:

    35 mins in just wondering why they dont just get in the car and leave plus the acting is 💩

  • Stephanie Craig  says:

    it's ok movie

  • Van Retlaw  says:

    Huh? What? Why?? This film is called 2 dudes with a camera, and the budget was nil. And, so sorry to kill it, she's pregnant at the end? What an abortion of a movie!

  • LegionAvalon  says:


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