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Terror movies #KingsOfHorror presents: Desecrated

A rich heiress and her friends head for a weekend of fun at her isolated ranch house in the middle of no man’s land. They soon find that the caretaker’s dark past has taken him down a bloody killing spree.

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24 comentarios en Horror movies online Desecrated | Full Horror Movie

  • lia Sandcastle  says:

    bad scrip..bla

  • mikieson  says:

    if i was that black guy,i would have said…byebye..why we white people so stupid?lol

  • REESE  says:

    That horny hoe who wanted to fuck Ben annoyed the hell outta me !! Her hormones was clouding her judgement when there were plenty of red flags 🙄

  • chechatonga  says:

    one of the better kings of horror productions

  • 준영 c:  says:

    Ben is my dude

  • Carlene Pool  says:

    this movie was a good one thanks kings off horror

  • StarFire4337  says:

    OK movie but they were all a bunch of assholes except for poor Marcus the black kid.

  • Tammy Huennerkopf  says:

    This is a pretty good movie. I was just venting. I watch A LOT of scary shows. ;] Also, people going back to a horrible scene. And not call the cops? How stupid. Then the arguements about going to a place where there is danger? No one does that. Unless they are ignorant. I wish I could see a smart and scary show. I've seen some. Love them. Stop the sex scenes. Not scary!

  • Tammy Huennerkopf  says:

    I wish just one time, almost everyone would finally get away. Not just the pretty woman. I wish a cell phone would work , people would stop falling, hands stop stretching and the killer would get caught after some suspense. Seems like ALL horror films are exactly the same. But thanks for the scary films. My favorite type of shows. lol They are getting old tho. To predictable. Thanks.

  • glynna schmehl  says:

    Don't go in there !

  • Giselle Carreon  says:

    Omg I feel bad 😭😭😭😭😭

  • squishes for us youtube  says:

    we came here because guy standing there

  • J.M. Jones  says:

    Ben, I love you! Lol

  • eardrumm  says:

    See what war does to folks. Ben was 1 psycho mofo 😱😱👿👿

  • Styll Ghostly  says:

    Desecrated is the bombastic ass movie I've ever seen!! Ben's killing style is militant wolf marine hunter tactical. "If it bleeds we can kill it guerilla style".."Bane glory to this victims"!!!.. lmaooo

  • SteelSonata  says:

    Too cliche. Only two couldve died first… and of course they shouldve listened to the black guy.

  • Clyde White  says:

    sorry but all of them look good fuked off for being so so…..,……dum I was piss all thru that week as movie.

  • darlene Martinez  says:

    Can you get Lovely Molly. Great movie, very very scary


    Its good. A couple poor actors with some shitty lines here and there but overall worth the watch

  • Dante Simmons  says:

    Love how their friend gets shot and they're like "FUCK!!" then leave his ass lmfao

  • Matt Keane  says:

    The Russian girl was baddddd 😉

  • Bogus Bozo  says:

    I don't feel bad for none of them except the black guy. The reason is because the black guy knew something was off. They didn't listen from the get go. This movie pissed me off but it's definitely a 10/10. Great movie. But the character's decisions will piss you off.

  • Tiffany Banks  says:

    this one was ok

  • Precious Beauty  says:

    Good movie👍😉

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