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Horror movies #KingsOfHorror presents: Dead Girls

Three stories of horror connected through the pages of dead girls’ diaries. In one, a ghostly apparition seeks revenge upon the man who betrayed her love and is responsible for her death. In another a mystical object helps a young woman reach out from beyond the grave to exact her revenge against the stuck up sisters of a college sorority. And in the third a young woman who has lost her way and her faith finds the answer to her prayers in the last place she would have expected. “Dead Girls” is a horror anthology similar to such classics of the genre as Tales From The Crypt, Trick ‘R Treat, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Creepshow, and many others.

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42 comentarios en Horror movies online Dead Girls | Full Horror Movie

  • Shareema Griffith  says:

    I am so pissed that I've waisted 30 minutes of my life watching this movie

  • alina m  says:

    very bad acting .waste of time

  • LaLa LoL  says:

    Umm who andersteand this story because I don t

  • Insightful Human  says:

    why kill the black dude? wooooooooow. says alot. 😐

  • Priniana Kashokulu  says:

    I'm not getting this movie one bit

  • Baby Boy  says:

    Acting was good movie would be better if the budget was larger. It's the scenery that makes it flop but its a cool watch. Oh and scrip was BS conversations weren't normal


    where is the man who opened the box?

  • MeMyself and I  says:

    …Dead Girls?…What?! Dont say no???

  • The best bodybuilder  says:

    hmm good

  • Chayenne Moerlie  says:

    51:10 she twisted her neck around here?

  • Tiffany Banks  says:

    good movie weird but interesting to watch

  • Chayenne Moerlie  says:

    55:55 You scared me here every time that I look

  • Chayenne Moerlie  says:

    This is more a sad movie than a scary movie😢😢

  • Chayenne Moerlie  says:

    1:22:36 I think this is a really sad moment, my tears come again when I see that piece 😢😢😢😢

  • Sarem Shaikh  says:


  • Lynn Martin  says:

    your all a bunch of babies time for milk

  • Cat S  says:

    wow. That was really bad.

  • gory  says:

    no shit this movie not good movie to watch don't waste your time to watch this movie like i do

  • Jessica Sigmon  says:


  • TOKYOJOE3943  says:

    You r zero

  • TOKYOJOE3943  says:

    evil sick people full of hate and vulgarity.

  • TOKYOJOE3943  says:

    some are ill. those who acted in it must also need help…

  • tiya k  says:

    facking movies is nat horror😩😩😩👎👎👎

  • Kk Kk  says:


  • Paul Schneider  says:

    that jumpscare wtf 1:30:41

  • Paul Schneider  says:


  • MerryLee 123  says:

    Serem gc film nya yah

  • muslimin Ads  says:


  • Stella C  says:

    Some images are so disturbing to the point of leaving us with nightmares. Protect ourselves when scared or disturbed by scary images, ghosts, spirits, negative energies, supernatural beings, etc. We can recite this mantra of protection from Tibet 108 times a day: OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA. It is important that we protect ourselves always.

  • fluffy the cat  says:

    this movie is not all that bad not the worst if you agree like if not dislike

  • gustavo garcia  says:

    well the first part of the movie the girl is running for her life very crazy part of the the movie

  • Robert Cubinelli  says:


  • Janrawkerzs Jan  says:

    9:02 mnts…. Who Made This Movies,Should Shoot His/her Brain Out….

  • bradley lee  says:

    it good but chould youse a update

  • Alastair Brinklow  says:


  • Willymina Jampa  says:

    the end they be zombie

  • sportshistorybuff  says:

    He says we'll bury her at a dump site. Then they drop her body under an overpass with no dump in sight. A cyclist opens the fridge, then disappears when she crawls out of it, without explanation. The plot holes are difficult to overlook..

  • sportshistorybuff  says:

    One more cliche that should never show up in another horror movie. The victim being chased by a villain hot on her tail, decides to stupidly stop and give it time to catch up. It is possible to choose a direction while you're running.

  • Groupbshsb Group  says:

    tel7so teze 3a hk aflam

  • sierra warrick  says:

    that is scary to me and that is the stuber mo

  • Binni Kumar  says:

    I think i feel bore to see this movie

  • Melissa Winn  says:

    what the fuck did y'all do 2 that girl

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