Horror movies online Bloodwood Cannibals | Full Horror Movie

Bloodwood Cannibals | Full Horror Movie

Horror movies Kings of Horror presents: Bloodwood Cannibals

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A documentary film crew is stalked by a pack of cannibals. How will this end!?

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21 comentarios en Horror movies online Bloodwood Cannibals | Full Horror Movie

  • The Daily-In-Nate TV Show  says:

    One of my favorite pastimes is meeting quantitative, hard-working people who believe in a drug-free life and not being a critic to someone when you've obfuscated your day to day activities only to judge someone else based on a recording of a hefty portion of their life. When you make movies, you stop judging the effort people give you and you begin to realize, they're the ones that will do anything to entertain you. It's usually my creative flaws that I depend on to get feedback from people who value the industry, not just sink their eyes into it like a shark's vivacious fangs. We've sometimes done it- portray a man that is not our image, then have feelings of men that "are" our image.

  • Mohamed Ahmed  says:

    55:28 xD da fucck hhhhhhh

  • Mohamed Ahmed  says:

    34:10 hehe now we're talken

  • Vishal Wadhwani  says:

    I love cannibal movies like The hills have eyes and wrong turn.

  • yasir.m Ali  says:

    this movie is sucks !!

  • Emz Arabbi  says:

    for me not good movie..not acting real..they are running but they have time to rest and talked..not serious and not looked afraid!not good quality movie!..

  • mocny01  says:

    Watch –Jungle story MAN CALLED DOG,,law budget , action takes place in West Africa

  • shevegen  says:

    So … just like in Texas, eh?

  • john armin valdez dimple  says:

    putang ina nyu

  • Kate the Crazy animation cat xD  says:

    it's not scary ;-;

  • rlwieneke  says:

    the only Horror is having to watch this: the script sucked, the acting sucked. The actors appeared to be people they picked up on a street corner or at a bar and asked them if they wanted to be in a movie. Kings of Horror why can't all your movies be as good as The Shadow Within: well written, well directed and well acted.

  • Amiamigmail Amiamigmail  says:


  • Rajesh Madhav  says:

    clown show ??!!

  • stan marsh  says:

    this proves you can film a movie with the lights on…..BIG THUMBS UP

  • Almera Salem  says:

    nice movie and i like it,👍

  • Temsiitovi Swu  says:

    just wasting time f**** the movie good for nothing

  • Sherly S. Abraham  says:


  • lamont bernard  says:

    Cannibals not to be confused with Zombies. Other than that small detail it was fairly decent. I enjoyed it.

  • jmo  says:


  • ivy blue  says:

    I liked it!

  • brandon benezue  says:

    Not too bad I have seen a LOT WORSE!

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