Horror movies online Back to the Beyond | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror Movie

Back to the Beyond | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror Movie

Terror movies When a paranormal research team investigates a haunting inside a home on Port Island, a sparsely inhabited island off the Maine coast, they learn that it is eerily similar to the plot of a classic television show. This Supernatural thriller opens with a gripping scene of terror. A group of amateur videographers attempt to capture a seemingly supernatural force within the remote island home. When the paranormal research team investigates the haunting, they discover the remains of the amateur videographers and proof of the legendary haunting captured on video. While one member of the team believes the haunting is only “made for TV” fiction, the investigation reveals an encounter with a sinister supernatural force, proving just how real it all is.

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37 comentarios en Horror movies online Back to the Beyond | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror Movie

  • Jason Berardi  says:

    Okay folks; I like a good cheesy, low budget horror (for its comedic value, usually)… but this was just unwatchable. I mean honest to god, head-shaking disbelief level unwatchable. I'll list the key points for you (which I'm sure will overlap with those of the other reviewer).

    1. I've seen wooden blocks and tree stumps with better acting ability than the schlubs in this movie. The pauses between the dialogues of the different characters makes it feel as though they're either trying to recall their lines, or are waiting for someone off camera to cue them to speak. Either way, it makes for terrible viewing.

    2. The plot could be good … but what they've done to it in creating this 'movie' (and I use that term loosely!) means that it turned into a train wreck of poorly written dialogue and seemingly unrelated concepts that don't bind into a coherent storyline.

    3. The musical score is random and at times overwhelms the visuals and changes the mood – and not for the better.

    4. The characters are basically unlikable, partly due to inadequate character development but also because they come across as emotionless robots who occasionally try to fake emotion and do it very badly. Generally emotions are accompanied by appropriate facial expressions and body language – something noticeably absent here.

    5. The ending is…. Blah. Just blah. Mind you, after sitting through the rest of the movie, this should come as no surprise to anyone.

    So there you have it. It's a big pile of bland, steaming ooze that doesn't bear watching for longer than 5 – 10 minutes at the most, and that's really only if you got distracted by something else and forgot to turn it off. Be aware that if you do sit through it, you'll be left with the profound regret that you'll never get that time back.

  • John Hosp  says:

    we've got a job to do!!!! for the five thousandth time fukkkkk!

  • John Hosp  says:

    my god this is a bad movie!!! I honestly don't think you could even truly consider this a movie a very very bad movie is way better than this garbage! shittiest acting I've seen in a long time!!!!

  • dan oliver  says:

    Just a waste of time' I don't care that it free. Don't waste your time.

  • Paul Pennestri  says:

    Iwas in many TV and motion pictures, but I was different I actually got paid from movie companys because I was acyually A real actor?

  • Brian Rodriguez  says:

    This movie took too long to set up the Ghost action.

  • Sharon Williams  says:

    Not worth watching.

  • Mike turner  says:

    Best part of movie was checking out Jennifer. Hoping for some scares(or something). Oh well…it was free!!!

  • Mike turner  says:

    Stories good. The guys acting not so good.

  • svenmega10022  says:

    This movie is a waste land. Move on to another flick.

  • Cliff Sanders  says:

    Bad Acting

  • Candy Mathias  says:

    don't waste your time on this movie! slow, and total waste of time! i kept watching hoping it would get better but it never did.on a scale 1-10 i give it a -9

  • Tyrone Robinson  says:

    I enjoyed it

  • Tiffin_Time  says:

    normally the music is spot on. On this one, the music has nothing to do with the scene 🙁
    still worth a watch though.

  • Raven Vaughan  says:

    Good movie thanks

  • jill stergiou  says:

    Bad acting, confusing story line, this a waste of film and time. Sorry for bad review.

  • laura morales  says:

    omg stupid movie didn't understand it everything went to fast

  • tommy crazypopmaniac  says:

    I meant the exorcist

  • tommy crazypopmaniac  says:

    I agree with devonta…I like all horror from late 1970s to present…can't get through the exorcism because everytime I try to watch it something strange happens…I'm not kidding…I really believe that movie is pure evil

  • Leena Ghadge  says:

    Big Bore movie

  • Patricia Lucero  says:

    Keep up making…good movies…Thanks…Dont ..stop..over haters…

  • Patricia Lucero  says:

    kings horror movies….are every good…Thanks. for the great work…..

  • Peter Burnett  says:

    aussie gook crap

  • Adam Watson  says:

    Awful, not a movie, the weird fake old black and white movie that played over most of the end credits felt more like a real picture lol.

  • Rose Richards  says:

    the beginning, most epic limp he'll ever take in his life. xD

  • Luke Healy  says:


  • eric locher  says:

    Why didn't they introduce the guy on guitar????????????????????????????

  • Harold Shankle  says:

    I had the squirts while watching this movie it was the best part of the show. And how dare you call the kings of horror movies low budget crap. Thier was no budget they used the money they made from finding cans and bottles on the side of the road.

  • vickiesimp  says:

    The movie was ok but the scenery and music were great.

  • gypsy4619 s  says:

    very boring and acting not so good!

  • kelly lanzar  says:

    paranormal is not scary

  • Matthew Rance  says:

    A film about paranormal investigation, How unoriginal.

  • Nacho Mamma  says:

    Maybe you should have left the original story alone, because you really made a botched job out of this train wreck!

  • Tanya Ensor  says:

    This movie was difficult for me to watch to the end. Whoever made this, it seems to me, wanted to make an art horror film, like Michael Mann's The Keep & failed, making an artsy movie instead. The music was good music, but was intrusive & it didn't fit in with the action on the screen. The acting was wooden & the sound echoey like all the really, really low budget movies. The idea was good, but not handled in an original way. 3 out of 5 and thanks for uploading this movie. It was one I hadn't seen & best of all it's free!

  • Orlando Torres  says:

    it was great but it was good

  • Mar Bear  says:

    I'm very forgiving of movies but this one is hard to forgive.

  • transneural  says:

    was it filmed with a VHS camcorder and edited in an Amiga 500?…

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