Horror movies online Anthology of Terror | Full Horror Film 2015

Anthology of Terror | Full Horror Film 2015

Terror movies Kings of Horror presents: The Anthology of Terror

The Archivist – your tour guide through the beyond – takes you through three nightmarish situations spanning time and space as he reads from his book – The Anthology of Terror.

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11 comentarios en Horror movies online Anthology of Terror | Full Horror Film 2015

  • Chance St.Thomas  says:

    26:04 Ewww
    Stories 1& 2 were aight. Story 3 was cool.

  • Tracy Roberts  says:

    Quite enjoying this!

  • Tyler Mabry  says:

    P.S. The film itself is from 2010.

  • XxCuban GoddessxX  says:

    corny af

  • graydon blower  says:

    what shit

  • Daniel Garnes  says:

    i like it 👍

  • Mariah Zalera  says:

    your commets are so mixed im just gonna watch it. im stoned rn anyway so fk it,

  • alpha wizard  says:

    I am the Archivist ? Thanks !

  • outpostflags  says:

    mentally diseased trash

  • jo egleton  says:

    That's the second lot of rubbish I've watched today – can't watch it till the end.

  • K. S.  says:

    Decent anthology! Thanks for uploading!

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