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Horror movies #KingsOfHorror presents: 9 Miles Down

A security expert is sent to investigate the disappearance of a research team drilling deeper into the Sahara desert’s surface than anyone has attempted before. While there he meets a beautiful woman who may or may not be a deadly killer and has to uncover the truth about whether the drilling team drilled into “hell” and released a supernatural evil on the world or if it is only his mind playing tricks on him.

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36 comentarios en Horror movies online 9 Miles Down | Full Horror Movie

  • virberello  says:

    Am I the only one who reads the comments to see if the movie is any good?

  • James Simmons  says:

    kinda wished they actually went 9 miles down… would've been awesome to actually see some demons.. but other than that great movie

  • DJamz  says:

    Interesting flick. More HELL stuff. CJ was HOT!

  • Wabco Haulpak  says:

    Hang on… Lavar!

  • Donna Gorton  says:

    Really good & Jack is a sexy beast!😉

  • Adam Carleton  says:

    Well done Kings. Well done.

  • jai alai Yara Shahidi  says:

    excellent being out movie

  • Lakesha Mitchell  says:

    great movie

  • MATSIONA Van  says:

    As matter of fact the beginning of the movie was very significant however the end was so sad. Why you` put some devil spirits in your head by making trouble to anyone. To hurt each other is so sad sad

  • vaughn poegel  says:

    Kings of horror. knocked it out of the park again. thanks for ANOTHER GREAT movie!!! keep up the good work

  • Tokyo Ghoul  says:

    now that's what im talking about good one guys

  • joshua david  says:

    good work best one I have seen in a while horror movie wise that is😵😈👹💀☠👻..keep them coming ….😰

  • easyeagle2  says:

    The best horror story ever !! Except I`m highly disappointed, I did not get to see what is 9 miles down.

  • DICE PLAY7  says:

    not bad..good movie

  • BigSi 2017  says:

    Awesome flick. Kola superdeep borehole. The well to hell in Russia. Great how they put a spin on that true story. thx

  • The_Other _Seto_Kaiba  says:

    The blonde chick is hot, whats her name?

  • Christin Alexa HerStand  says:

    very good

  • Kody  says:

    you can see The Shining influences

  • Kelly Anderson  says:

    I wish i could find the movie The Diviveded really want to see it again, anyways thanks for the movie :-):-):-):-)

  • DeAndre Jackson  says:

    The #1 channel i can count on to upload the real thing

  • Antoinette Harper  says:

    now this was a pretty good movie and I thought I was crazy LOLOLOLOLOLO

  • Onmylevel 6  says:

    Good movie…

  • Kennard Williams  says:

    Good movie

  • Satrina Palmer  says:

    I'll get the hell out of there lol

  • Liz Schoenke  says:

    REALLY GOOD ASS MOVIE!! Kept me watching waiting for more!!!! 👍👍two thumbs UP!! SPOILER ALERT:->>> soooo WAS SHE DEVIL OR NOT ?!??? I'm kinda confused.. BUT ANYWAYS U WATCH AND U CAN DECIDE… GRRRRRREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!! Loved it

  • Steve Outar  says:


  • ashley low  says:

    no lie this was a good movie

  • Dennis Strachan  says:


  • Tyrone Robinson  says:

    I enjoyed it

  • Sly Girl  says:


  • David J  says:

    wonder is that what the GOP going through under trump?

  • don pep  says:

    One word… Stupid….

  • christina lawson  says:

    does anyone have any other good scary movies to recommend??

  • Rd Shell  says:

    kings of horror on a roll. Keep it like that AND I'll keep tuning in.

  • Carry Lifeforme  says:

    The writer lost the point of the movie/// the female only have to tell the guy about the gas that caused hallucinations–

    To warn him to wear a protective mask at lease…

    good acting– poor writing.

  • Ab-Dhul Alif Qadr Muhammad  says:

    The pantheons of this world, they are good for a laugh or two. I guess some people do not realize that you cannot undo what has already been done. Going by the theme of the movie, the hallucinations were probably brought on by the gas fumes fro the depths of the Earth.

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