Horror movies online 3 Tunnels 2 Hell | Full Horror Movie

3 Tunnels 2 Hell | Full Horror Movie

Horror movies “Kings of Horror presents: 3 Tunnels 2 Hell

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A remote forested island in the Pacific Northwest, undisturbed for over 20 years, is visited by a group of campers on horseback. The camp tranquility is broken by violence and terror once they discover an old bunker and tunnel complex on the north side of the island and the diseased in-humans that occupy them. An investigation reveals the sinister and disturbing events on a US warship returning from a classified mission to Africa forty years earlier and the evil that has been buried by the government, left to be forgotten by mankind. Until now.

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40 comentarios en Horror movies online 3 Tunnels 2 Hell | Full Horror Movie

  • KJ SSI  says:

    Never liked kings of horror

  • Chi Tar  says:

    i like horrors just not american bitchy horrors so much drama in the b section but some are ok its not to bad tho cant decide

  • John Doe  says:

    Jack is far to OLD to be playing that character dating a young hottie. Yea this movie isn't worth watching 💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • sandeep g  says:

    Bad movie

  • ANIME LOVERS  says:

    too many fucking ads.grr

  • Charlene Morris  says:

    Pathetic LANGUAGE!!

  • Daniel patrick  says:

    3 tunnels to hell great horror

  • Kit Cooper  says:

    the only horror in this is the horrible acting. 15 mins and im done

  • David J  says:

    Woman coming up the steps got my attention, Oscar worthy

  • jane kirkland  says:

    I live for horror. The more horrific and gory they are the better they are.

  • BIGBADWOOD  says:

    1:25:34 of my life wasted never to get back … A true movie that a 3 RD grader could have written !

  • GameandFoodTech  says:

    Heartattack is imminent if u watch Dead silence,The Conjuring 2,at 2pm sitting in a Graveyard.😢

  • luis grant  says:

    The lead guy (the one who inherited) was a terrible actor in this movie

  • Virgen Rivera  says:

    I'm addict to scary movies

  • Stephen Ulrich  says:

    That's crazy I grew up in the state this was filmed in who knew Washington was so famous lol I haven't seen too many movies filmed here so it's pretty crazy

  • Edel Murphy  says:

    Good movie thank u

  • Lexy Von Essen  says:

    the very very few seconds of the begining were scary to me lol

  • Mister Now  says:

    Awesome movie 😍

  • Omar Shoqar  says:

    who's watching this at 1AM except me?

  • will pettitt  says:

    Ok I'll give it a 6 out of 10. I actually enjoyed watching it, not the best but definately not the worst (I actually watched "Bigfoot vs Zombies" which was so bad that I couldn't stop watching, I had to see if it would get worse, and it did. But you know what I enjoyed it.) And those people with only complaints, its a B-Movie if you only watch movies with perfect actors/plotlines/effects then you must not watch many movies at all. Thanks for the upload…

  • Vanessa Croken  says:

    Actually that wasn't that bad of a movie

  • Altermees O'Neal  says:

    Horror movies are the best movies to watch.

  • learning tricks  says:

    I don't know why i always watch horror movie …………..

  • Renberg  says:

    Where do you keep finding these shitful movies?

  • Deana Priincess  says:

    Always love horror or triller movie 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

  • sonia valentin  says:

    I will try this

  • Qudsia Imtiaz  says:

    This isnt a horror movie……

  • Jimmy and Guadalupe's Adventures  says:

    This is terrible acting. The people's voices are so monotone and they act like seeing a dead body is normal

  • Elizabeth Deitsch  says:

    My friend says I'm sick because I love horror so much

  • Gregory KEROR Davis  says:

    I fking love horror's

  • Waqar Adaptable Broadcast  says:

    I love horror movies

  • Toushia Mason  says:

    Good movie, title wasn't fitting for the location filming. I usually have to sift through king of horror movies for a hour to find a good one, this was good start to finish .

  • Gaba Khan  says:

    3rd class movie, just wasted my time… It is made by a child👶 lol 😂

  • Elaini Griffin  says:

    this was good

  • Dominic Abbs  says:

    this film tells people watching this that these actors or soon to be dead victims are fucking dumb and they have no brain cells the only character in this film i'm going to route for is the animal thing that are going to kill them to these actors deserve to Die and the cops are stupid

  • Mohammad Ullah Akash  says:

    faul movie,
    totaly west my time

  • Marco Balcazar  says:

    With the location, it could've been an awesome movie.  No strong plot and no solid acting whatsoever.  Watched it though.

  • Marco Balcazar  says:

    I lived in the PNW.  Loved it.  It gets kind of creepy on the islands at times.  Some of the people are creepy as well.  Socks and sandals.

  • Aaron B  says:

    It was good. I have to make mention of the cinematography, directing and the horror special affects. Again, some of the camera work was really good.

  • Jennifer McCracken  says:

    I love horror movies!!!!

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